3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Establish a Better Business Branding

Hi there friends! Welcome back to the blog to read in on three things that you can implement right now – yes, right now – to establish a better branding for your business.

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Let’s get started.

Do you ever feel like you’re simply just putting random fonts and colors together, in hopes that it’s good enough to call it your “brand”? I get it. I’ve been there – AND I work with SO many entrepreneurs who feel this way too. It’s not just you, and you are not alone.

But, I don’t want you to continually waste your time creating content or dropping bomb graphics on your socials that will not attract your ideal client. *insert branding here* — Branding can be that liaison between ideal client and your own likes/dislikes. It’s honestly a great middle ground.

Here’s three things you can implement RIGHT NOW to establish a business branding that lands ideal clients right in front of you (AKA dreamy clients):

  1. Go to Pinterest and create a Pinterest Board.
    If you’re like me, you’ve been using Pinterest for YEARS for personal things – recipes, home decor inspiration, encouraging quotes/verses. Pinterest is basically the social media for all things scrolling. Get me? While you’re there, I highly encourage you to switch your scrolling into business mode. This means, start looking at Pinterest as a hub for SO much knowledge and inspiration to share. Do a simple search on ” *insert niche here* logos” — i.e. “Dietitian logos” “Modern logos” “Wellness logos” — all the things. When you search that, you’ll soon find yourself down a rabbit hole of gorgeous brands you may be falling in love with. Pin them to a board. Once you are done, visit that board and there should be a general idea of styling that attracted you. Take this to a designer if you are choosing to hire out. Otherwise, keep this styling in mind when creating your own content.
  2. Figure out what you want to be known for. Is it fitness? Wellness? Empowerment?
    I definitely wanted to include this as a necessary step in the brand discovery process because it is a very important question in the website discovery process as well. As an example, when someone books a website with CCS, we immediately begin website discovery and send over a questionnaire that will help establish some rules/wishes for their website. One of those questions is: “What is the ultimate goal you want users to achieve on your website?” — most common answers are “I want them to see my services”, “I want them to be educated through blogposts”, etc. This is KEY to determining your brand direction. At CCS, we want to be known for branding and website design for dietitians. I make this known by the type of content I push out, the copy on my website AND by the clientele base we’ve built. All of this is a large part in your brand that will need to be established early on.
  3. Create content that tells a story. If your ideal clients are bored, they will most likely leave.
    Ouch, that hurt. But, it’s a true scenario. Every content item you push out (just like this blogpost, here) has to tell a story or mirror a user journey. A lot of times, blogposts are great for this, because you can continue to write out content that makes them want to continue reading. For wellness entrepreneurs, I’ve learned that they love pushing out infographics that contain a lot of free information. I solely respect them all, because I know from experience how long it can take someone to make these graphics. However, it’s key to know who you are speaking to – otherwise, that infographic is doing nothing for you. If you’re ideal client HATES bananas, I wouldn’t be posting about how much you like bananas. It’s all apart of knowing your ideal client like your best friend.

Lot’s of information here, friends. I love it.

I only dream to be someone that you come to for all the knowledge and tips for branding and website design. Over the years and through college, I have been entirely focused on school, passing the next exam and getting the next best grade on an assignment. I was the girl who studied for HOURS at a time, just to be sure I knew the information.

CCS is different. I don’t have to study, because my job is to continually learn and educate myself on topics that can educate my community here.

I’m so glad to have you here, friend. I hope to see you in Better Branded Business or over on the Gram!

All my love!