3 Ways You Can Automate Your Business Right Now

Hi friend! Happy Friday – this week, I didn’t feel inspired to write a blogpost until I sat down in a coffee shop and my brain couldn’t resist!

If you follow us over on Instagram, I posted a reel detailing three ways you can automate your business right now – as you grow, automation and implementation is going to be your best friend. Finding ways that you can minimize your own time and hands into areas that aren’t necessary, will be a game changer.

Let’s walk through these (3) ways in detail below:

Look at your contact form on your website.

With our website clients, (we’re booking for our last two April spots BTW!), I always audit and confirm their contact form process before I begin designing their website. Some questions I ask (and want answered) are:

  • Where is your contact form built?
  • What happens once this form is submitted?

Answers to both of these questions can determine if it’s ready to be automated or not. Your contact form is a place that can be easily automated and tied in a pretty bow before your hands even need to be on it.

Let’s take our Contact page for example – we have an inquiry form embedded from Dubsado that automatically sends an email to myself when it gets completed. In my process, I choose to manually respond. However, this is a great opportunity to do a few different things:

  • After form submission, send an automated email reply with your estimated/targeted response time
  • After form submission, send an automated email reply with the option to go ahead and book a discovery call

Whatever this process looks for you, automation is available. Having an automated follow-up with an estimated response time gives your user the sense of “hey, they see my response!” feeling which I think is essential in solidifying your booking process.

Outline emails that you tend to send out often, with a repeated message.

With this option, think about areas where you are redundantly sending the same content per each client that you have. Think about these areas first:

  • Onboarding emails
  • Offboarding emails

Your onboarding and offboarding process is an area that can easy see automation come in handy. For our onboarding process, we send out the same welcome guide and instructions for internal onboarding within our systems. This is automated within every client we see.

Depending on the type of business that you have, weekly check-ins with clients can also be an automated task. Think of this: every Monday at 8AM you send a weekly check-in via email that outlines what’s to come for the week/check-in for client tasks. This can be automated by having a “template” for this email and changing content as needed instead of writing the email from scratch every week. Easy, right?

Ensure your freebie’s delivery and nurture is automated.

This is an area of business that is often overlooked! With all of our clients, we will implement a freebie (if not already) and ensure its delivery is automated. For our freebie(s) we use Flodesk, but we often setup ConvertKit for a lot of our clients!

So, what does this look like?

  • When someone signs up for your freebie via email, send an automated response that will deliver the contents of the freebie
  • Once they have received the freebie, segment that person into “Freebie Name Segment”
  • Within that segment, create an automated welcome sequence into your email – this may look like: Email 1 – a welcome into the newsletter Email 2 – Introduction for what’s to come Email 3 – more details about the freebie they opted for

Only implement automation when you are ready to “get out” of the parts of business that feel mundane to you.

Automation necessarily isn’t for everyone – I once felt scared of automation and the fear that my audience would think I’m disingenuous. However, as I grew out of this mindset, I realized a lot of the business owners I look up to actually use automation everyday in their business.

I’ve learned it’s essential for my sanity and to open up more time in my day.

If you are looking for automation and implementation to be taken care of in your business, sign up to join my email list for something that may be coming your way in 2022 😉