4 Ways You Can Use Dubsado in Your Professional Wellness Business

There are many tools that are essential in being an efficient business owner, Dubsado being one of them. Dubsado was the FIRST tool that I invested in when I began my business and am still using it 4 years later and have only become more obsessed with it. More recently, in my group coaching program, I’ve shown a dietitian, a fitness trainer and branding/website designers how they can use it within their businesses – it’s applicable for ANY type of business!

So, what is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a customer resource management system. They are an all-in-one platform that manages anything and everything related to your clients and/or patients. Think invoices, contracts, intake forms, scheduling and more. My most praised part of Dubsado is their ability to make repetitive tasks automated, which we will chat more about in this blogpost!

Let’s dive into four ways you can use Dubsado RIGHT NOW in your professional wellness business.

Use Dubsado to send your client/patient contracts.

Like most service providers, if you are a dietitian, doctor or therapist, you most likely have to send a contract at some point in your client-patient process that details the services you are offering, a specific timeline and any other legality verbiage that you need to protect yourself and your business.

This can all be done via Dubsado in such an easy way! You can upload and/or copy and paste your contract into the text field under “Templates” within Dubsado and save it as a template. This way, everytime you book a client for, let’s say, one-on-one counseling, you can navigate to that contract without having to create it each time.

One thing that is also very convenient in regards to Dubsado’s contracts/form layout, you can include an electronic signature option within your contract. Have you ever been sent a form that requires a signature only having to download it, and paste your signature on there? Annoying, right?

With Dubsado, your client/patient can receive their contract via email and electronically sign via their phone and/or laptop right then and there! Quick and easy.

Customize and send your intake forms to your client/patient!

As a wellness professional, you probably have to receive intake information about your client/patient in order to learn more about them and personalize their appointments. With our past clients, this is usually the form you would send over that asks things like:

  • First name/last name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Why are you needing help with _________?
  • What are your current struggles with _________?

Basically, this form is customized to whatever questions you ask your client/patient before beginning to work with them. Guess what? This can also be saved as a template so that everytime you have a client/patient, you can send this form without having to type it up each time!

General inquiry forms can also be used here – we embedded a general inquiry form for my client Michelle on her Contact Page that asks the simple details: first name, last name, email, phone and reason for reaching out. I like using Dubsado for inquiry forms for my clients because it will automatically generate a “lead” in the backend of Dubsado with all of their client information.

Use Dubsado to automate tasks in your business that feel redundant.

Through Dubsado’s automated workflow capability, all of the forms/contracts we spoke about above can be send automatically (with your approval if you’d like) so that you don’t have to touch any of that process unless you want to.

Let’s say you spoke with a potential patient who wants to work with you for one-on-one nutrition counseling. Your next step is to follow up via email with a contract with details of your service and term length along with the first initial deposit for payment. Here’s how this can look in Dubsado:

  • Navigate to client/patient portal within Dubsado (remember this is automatically created when they fill out an inquiry form!)
  • Activate one-on-one nutrition counseling workflow within client/patient portal
  • Review and customize contract email (this is already pre-written in a canned email format)
  • Approve email to be sent immediately or at a fixed date of your choice
  • Client receives and electronically signs their contract
  • You are sent the signed contract and are prompted to counter-sign
  • Client pays invoice
  • You continue the onboarding process [whether this be manual or something automated]

From my experience, onboarding our clients here at CCS used to take around 30 minutes per client. This entailed getting their emails written, contracts created, invoices made, etc. Now, I am proud to say it takes less than 2 minutes to complete!

Create canned emails that feel authentic to your wellness business.

Hear me out – I used to be actually afraid of sending canned emails.

One important value of Chloe Creative is intentionality. Everything we do and say around here is said and done with intention and true authenticity. I was always under the impression that canned emails would sound “robotic” and inauthentic which just didn’t feel like “me”.

I’m here to say I was completely wrong. Within Dubsado, under the Templates panel, there’s a section labeled “canned emails” where a) Dubsado provides you with SO many pre-made helpful canned emails and b) you can create your own canned emails that are legitimately you and what you would normally say!

Let’s say you have a group coaching program that you have weekly check-ins with your clients. Or, you manage multiple one-on-one nutrition counseling clients where you send the same “check-in” email weekly to them.

Insert: canned email. In Dubsado, you can create a canned email called “Weekly One on One Nutrition Counseling Check-in” and begin creating the email right then and there. This may look like this:

Hey there {first name of client},
I hope you are having such a great week. I’m sending over this email for our weekly check-in. Please complete and submit the attached form below with prompted questions on how your nutrition journey is going thus far. Please share any personal or professional wins you may have! Once complete, I’ll chat with you at our next session on {next session date}.
Chat soon!

Anything that you see in the above example email with curly brackets {} means it’s a smart field within Dubsado. A smart field is an auto-generated field based on your client information within their portal. Basically, you wouldn’t have to touch a thing and it would automatically populate for whatever client/patient you are sending the email to! Amazing, right?!

I know there are several other CRMs out there for dietitians and therapists in particular such as Healthie, SimplePractice or PracticeBetter, but it seems all of my clients have come to me with at least one “I wish” feature of these platforms. For my business, Dubsado seems to have it all.

Do you use Dubsado? I’m curious!

I’m actually opening up two new service offering(s) in the Fall of 2022 for automating and implementing the operations of your business. First being a Done-For-You service where I come in and actually automate your internal process and make it crystal clear. You can join the waitlist here. Second being a “touch-and-go” VIP Day where I come into your business and map out a workflow and you leave with a plan to automate things yourself. Waitlist for that is here. Implementation and automation has become my bread and butter and I’m really excited to start offering it for other business owners who want to get the heck out of their business.