5 Blogpost Ideas for Your Nutrition Business

Chloe Thomas

Over on our Instagram this week, I shared a Reel that made a funny reference to our brains being lost when trying to write blogposts. Often we feel overwhelmed and almost “pressured” to create and rely on our brain to be the ultimate producer!

As a website designer, I’ll tell you, yes – blogposts are great for getting your SEO moving and for your website to get some active clicks. I personally have to batch-write my blogposts on days where I have creativity flowing or just a lot of things on my mind that I need to write out. I definitely suggest this method if you are someone who struggles with finding content to write about.

Being an owner of a nutrition business, you (yes, you) have a lot of topics to write about, and sometimes it feels overwhelming. There’s also the fine line between providing nutritional and helpful content and providing nutrition consulting. However, you do want to bridge that gap between the “hey they are providing really helpful information JUST on her blog” and the “I need to book a 1:1 call with her to get a more personalized approach..”.

In today’s post, I’m compiling some popular topics that I’ve observed all of my nutrition clients have either written during our time together or I’ve seen them write afterward. Either way, these blogpost ideas are general, and need to be customized to fit your brand voice and your specialty topic.

Nutrition Business Blogpost Ideas for Registered Dietitians

1. Share your latest recipe with photos

Because I design for registered dietitian nutritionists, recipes are the most popular type of blogposts that my clients have given me to post for them and honestly, I thoroughly enjoy them. I’ve actually made this Caprese Salad from my dear friend and client over at Restord by Allie. Basically if you are one of my past, present or future clients, thank you ahead of time for all the yummy recipes I get to try!

2. Favorite Product Round-Up

When my nutrition business clients tell me their favorite products they use for xyz, I absolutely LOVE that! Sometimes this is “my favorite snack items from Trader Joes” or something similar and I love them! Something that can also be done is “favorite products for gut health” – this is giving your audience actionable and tangible content that they can use in their own lives, which in turn, is great for them to convert into clients of your own.

3. Share your professional opinion on a trendy topic

February is National Eating Disorder Awareness Month and today (I’m writing this on a Monday!) marks the first day of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. If you are unsure about what this week means, I encourage you to visit the NEDA website where they have some great and informative topics on this subject!

Besides that, I encourage you to speak out with your professional opinion on this topic (or another similar one that may come up!) – write your post detailing information on this topic, ways people can find more information and your approach and/or thoughts on the topic and if it’s something you practice. This invites your ideal clients to a space where they know they feel seen and heard.

I think Sam from Food Freedom Dietitian does a great job on her Instagram and TikTok staying on top of trendy topics and letting her audience know how she feels about them! I know she recently did a news segment – go Sam!!!

4. Explain your specialty, what it means, and symptoms that may be associated with it

My past client Caroline over at Caroline Green Nutrition has a nutrition business focused in disordered eating, but she also works with GI disorders such as Celiac Disease. Recently on her blog, she shared what exactly Celiac Disease is, symptoms that might be present with Celiac, how it’s diagnosed and some solution items moving forward for those who may think they have Celiac.

This blogpost was a great example of writing about your specialty and walking your reader through different phases of explanation that leads them to feeling heard and understood with actionable items they can take to improve their health. I encourage you to do the same – another client of ours specializes in eating disorders and recently wrote a blogpost titled Do You Have an Eating Disorder? which can be really helpful to those with eating disorders and needing some extra help.

5. Tell someone why they should work with you

You might think this is a no brainer, but have you ever wrote a blogpost on WHY someone should work with you? In this blogpost, I would address what exactly your job does, who you are as a person, what you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, what services you offer and how you can help your ideal client.

This blogpost should NOT be a sales-y type post – write it in a way that you are speaking to your younger self who also struggled with *insert your specialty* and you simply just want them to get to know you a little better. In all honesty, when I first began working with dietitians exclusively in 2018, I had no idea of all the different specialty’s dietitians could have. Your ideal client most likely feels this too.

In every industry there are moments of overwhelm where you feel there is just SO much content to consume and feel a little overwhelmed… it’s your job to make them calm about your area of expertise.

If you are an owner of a nutrition business and you have a blog, chat with me in my Instagram DMs about what posts you’d found to be most helpful for getting your ideal clients reading your content. I’d love to hear and continue to update this post with relevant information!

P.S. we are booking for April timelines – WOW! If you need to launch your new brand and website design before summer, now is your chance, friends! Book a call with me here to get on my calendar!

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