5 Programs or Softwares Every Business Owner Should Be Using

Happy Tuesday friends! Currently writing this post as I’m sitting in the airport ready to come home from a vacation in Dallas, Texas with my sweet husband; and nope – I didn’t do ANY work that wasn’t an emergency, so yay me for practicing that work-life balance! 😉

Anywho, today I wanted to come chat about some essential programs and/or softwares that I believe are crucial for any business owner to use. You can be a first-time entrepreneur, a multi-million dollar business owner, or someone who is just curious about some tools we use here at CCS — this blogpost can definitely be relevant to anyone!

Of course, these tools are what we have found SO helpful to us here at CCS. We use all of these daily and couldn’t imagine our business functioning without them.

Enough chatter, let’s dig in:

First thing definitely has to be my favorite project management platform, ClickUp. If you’ve been around a while, you know that I can legit talk about ClickUp all day. I’ve tried Trello, Asana and any other major project management system and nothing has been as organized and efficient for us as ClickUp has been. 

I’m currently working with Angela from Angela Munoz Co to reorganize our entire backend process and so far it has been amazing. There are multiple features of ClickUp I had no idea there even existed! Imagine dashboards for your CEO side, metrics tracking for your internal processes AND project process tracking for you and your team members. Amazing, right?!

Second thing for ANY entrepreneur to get involved in, is Pinterest. I actually hired a Pinterest Manager when I first started to expand and it was amazing to get my Pinterest game established and strong. Sometimes, I really do think Pinterest is becoming a “buzzword” around here, where everyone says to join it because everyone else is on there — however, when I hear Pinterest, I think of SEO building. Imagine connecting all of your blogposts and/or services to a Pinterest Pin and letting the pin gain traction as you do other work. It’s great for exposure and just gaining more clicks on your website! Highly recommended.

If you’re an organizer, Google Calendar is a must. I have most recently began time blocking my calendar (because ya girl is busy) and it’s really helped me to stay ahold of all of my to-do’s everyday. I hired The Blaire House for a Google Calendar intensive and for 90 minutes, we overviewed how to organize my calendar to optimize my own time, but also my teams! My calendar is now color-coded to my hearts desire (and with brand colors) AND I can toggle off different calendars for my team or other things internally such as client meetings. Staying organized is essential to growing your business!

Dubsado is my next essential program for business. If you aren’t sure what Dubsado is, it’s a customer relationship management software that helps you to organize all of your internal client projects. Think contracts, forms, invoices, all the things! I also hired The Blaire House to implement workflows for me so that I can automate a few of the things I hate to do. I actually have a link where you can get 20% off your first month or year, which is a huge savings!

Last, but certainly not least, is Canva and/or the Adobe Creative Suite. It does not matter if you are a design business or not, you NEED to stay branded and up-to-par with social media graphics or collateral designs. A business without consistency in branding essentially is doing nothing! With Canva, you can easily use templates and elements that they have to create something beautiful for your business. If you feel a bit more technologically savvy, invest in the Adobe Creative Suite. We use Illustrator and Photoshop around here like our lives depend on it! 

Let me know if there are any of these that you’ll be adding to your lineup, or if there are any programs you think I should be using instead. These processes are constantly evolving, but there are my tried and trued programs I can’t live without.