5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Designed on Showit

If you follow me on Instagram (@chloecreativestudio) you have heard me RAVE about how crazy good Showit is.

I can’t even tell you the amount of times someone has come to me asking what Showit is — I was there too. Over a year ago, I had no idea what Showit was and mannnn was I missing out.

When I first started this business of mine, I thought WordPress was the best and most amazing platform — which it is great, BUT for what I wanted to do, it wasn’t easy to design on and it didn’t give my clients the ability to customize and work on their site once I was finished designing.

Upon research and collaboration with my fellow #bizbesties, I found Showit and took the leap to learn it.


So — here’s 5 reasons why I love Showit and think you should have your website designed there:

1. Blogging capabilities with WordPress.

Yep, I said it. We all love WordPress because of its crazy good blogging features and SEO optimization. But what if I said you can get that without all the coding/template customizers on the backend of WordPress?

2. Products/shops — yes you can!

You can totally have an online shop on Showit. It intergrates with the powerhouse e-commerce site, Shopify to get your products online and selling ASAP.

3. Soooo easy to use!

The main selling point of Showit is the fact that it is a drag and drop software. Meaning – if you want a rectangle, click the rectangle and drag it where you want and drop. That easy.

The learning curve of Showit is very small and there are so many tutorials on the web for learning Showit!

4. Customer Service/Support is Amazing!

Going off the point above, if you EVER need any help, Showit is so quick to respond! One thing that I enjoy about Showit support is the fact that everytime I ask a question they not only answer it but also provide me articles with follow-up info in there. I love it!

5. SEO Optimization.

SEO Optimization is great on Showit! Because it integrates with WordPress for blogging, you are able to have SEO tools/tips within WordPress but also within Showit!

To setup your SEO settings on Showit, they have a tab that says “SEO Settings” where you can place your title, description and keywords!

There are SO many additional reasons out there why Showit is an amazing platform, but these were the ones that stuck out to me personally. If you have any questions regarding Showit, you can always DM me on my Instagram (@chloecreativestudio) or fill out a contact form on my website!

Chat soon,