5 Things Your Website Needs to Bring In Clients

Alrighty — you guys know how much I believe that websites can really make or break your business. I might be a little biased, but there’s just too many reasons why you must have a website if you are a business owner!

I’m going to go through and explain five things that your website needs to bring in clients — I feel that these reasons are my personal top five as of right now and that have played a factor as to how my clients chose to work with me. As I said, there are so many reasons!

#1. Answer the client(s) questions.

You’re probably wondering what the world this means // I’m here to explain. When I am scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and decide I want to head on over to a site, I have a question in mind. For example — when I am online shopping for new jeans, I’m looking around to see “who has the best fit?” “who has the highest price?” etc. A website is supposed to address all the questions a potential client may have.

For a service based business, this could be as simple as your mission statement. What do you do? What value do you provide to your potential client? ANSWER IT.


Don’t let them forget it!

Client question: What does Chloe Creative Studio do?
Answer: Chloe Creative Studio creates brand identities and websites that get you noticed.

#2. Organized webpages.

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many websites I’ve seen that don’t have the basic about and contact page. These are so crucial to making people stay on your site. If your website is confusing to navigate, most likely people will immediately turn away. I know I would!

Address the main pages: home, about, contact, services. Go ALL IN on these! Once you have all of the information displayed, you can pinpoint down into more niche-focused pages such as a portfolio for photographers or a creative directory for community businesses.

Here’s my header: it includes a home (my logo), about, work, services, contact and blog page. My work page is my niched-down page!

#3. Easily available contact information.

Make it super easy to contact you! This can be through CTAs (call-to-actions) or simple hyper-links in text that go to your contact page!

Consistency is key; the more people see “contact me for website design” or “contact me for your free quote”, the more they will think about it! The goal of someone being on your site is to convert them into a client — to do this, we have to have communication!

An example of a call-to-action that links to my contact page!

#4. Include client testimonials everywhere!

Potential clients want to see the work you do and how well you can do it. The best way to prove this, is by “tangible” information. Have your past clients fill out a satisfaction form at the end of a project to let you know how well you do!

Make sure to include the possibility that it may be displayed on your website and/or socials — putting it on display is what will drive a potential client to say “oh wow, this person said she got her website back in ONE day. I want that too!”

Example of a client testimonial I have on almost all pages on my website!

#5. Photos of yourself.

This is a point that DEFINITELY has an affect on potential clients. Lots of people want to know and see that there is a human behind a business. It really creates a personal connection for the client and the biz owner.

One thing I live by is personal connection — on an online space it’s definitely hard to establish that face-to-face connection, but I really try to portray my personality with brand photos and my choice of words on here!

I really went hard on my about page // I went a non-traditional route and chose to tell about me through a coffee-chat. You can see that, here.

This is a content section I have with a photo of myself!

There ya go — these are my 5 best converters when it comes to getting clients through my website! I hope you can implement these best-practices so that you can convert visitors into clients too.

Chat soon,