ADD Nutrition, Branding and Showit Website Design

Hey friends! We are back today to chat about one of my most recent nutritionist branding and Showit website design projects. April, owner of ADD Nutrition, actually came to me from one of my other clients [hey Hope!] and it was such a joy to get to know April personally and professionally.

Project Type:

  • Custom branding
  • Instagram feed posts
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Showit website design

ADD Nutrition is all about hitting those personal wellness goals in order to lose fat, gain muscle and master their metabolism.

This project started with a branding questionnaire so that my team and I could get to know April and her business’ needs straight from the core. From this form, we learned that April targets individuals anywhere from 20 years of age to 50 years – most of them being business owners or have successful jobs averaging around $60,000 in income per year.

Many times in the discovery phase, clients wonder why we ask such questions as the amount of income their target client makes per year – the short version, it allows us to see the type of money they might be willing to invest and whether or not your brand should be seen as a higher end offer, or something more organic and accommodating to those with financial troubles.

ADD Nutrition Branding Concepts:

After diving into the rest of her branding discovery, we determined that April resonated with a lot of earthly and organic colors and values. A lot of April’s approach to nutrition is more natural – we wanted this to be portrayed through both color and feeling.

As we moved into the custom wellness website design phase, I moved April over from Wix to Showit [yay!]. You can refer to my post on Why You Shouldn’t Use Wix if you want to dig into the details on that! However, April is now so much more satisfied with a website that is more aligned to her business AND is so easy and functional to what she needs!

Showit Website Design for ADD Nutrition

If you are looking for a custom branding for your nutrition business, Chloe Creative specializes in wellness branding and LOVES to work with other dietitians. We are booking for February timelines as of right now and are super excited to partner with any nutrition business for a custom showit website design like April’s!