Aligned Nutrition Counseling, Gut Health Dietitian Brand and Squarespace Website

Maureen, owner of Aligned Nutrition Counseling, reached out to us after feeling stuck with her current branding and website design. Being a gut health dietitian, she knew it was important to speak clearly to her ideal audience in order to convert them from her website into paid, real clients.

She previously was using Simple Practice’s free website builder, which was totally fine to start off with, but not the most sustainable method when you are wanting to rank on Google Search for SEO. So, after chatting through the details, we decided that this gut health dietitian deserved a full rebrand and new Squarespace to ramp up her practice.

Why Gut Health Dietitians Need To Stand Out With Their Branding

Before I get started on her project, I wanted to touch base on why gut health dietitians need to stand out with their branding. Within our immediate clientele, we’ve had over 10 dietitians who specialize in gut health. That said, they are all likely targeting a somewhat similar clientele: those who struggle with gut or GI issues. Some of our clients choose to narrow this down into different age groups (like 20-40 year old women), but outside of that, a brand will help differentiate who they attract.

With Aligned Nutrition Counseling as an example, we wanted to convey the message of the intestines, but decided to do this in a “squiggle” illustration versus including it within her primary logo. The IBS & SIBO Dietitian is another example of a client who niches down in gut-health, wanted the intestine symbolism, but looks completely different.

It’s important [for any brand] to make yourself stand out amongst competitors who target the same individuals, or even, whose in your direct circle of service offerings. If you are wondering if your brand is currently standing out, sign up for our free branding and/or website audits and we’ll follow up with a video reviewing your current situation.

Project Type for Aligned Nutrition Counseling, Gut Health Dietitian

  • Branding with Art Direction (our standard brand design)
  • Custom Squarespace website
  • Flodesk & SimplePractice Integrations

What’s the meaning behind the name, ‘Aligned Nutrition Counseling’?

Our client loved the meaning of the word align:

  • ALIGN {a·lign (verb)}
  • Place or arrange things in a straight line
  • Give support to (a person, organization, or cause).
  • When I think of gut health and GI disorders I think of lining things up so that they are working properly and optimally. I help people REALIGN their gut and help them keep it that way.

Ideal Audience for Aligned Nutrition Counseling, Gut Health Dietitian

  • Female, ages 25-45
  • Busy moms who don’t have the time to focus on themselves
  • Tired of bloating, reflux, cramping and fatigue
  • Struggles with constipation, diarrhea, IBS, SIBO, reflux and are confused on what to eat to ensure these symptoms stay away

Branding and Pinterest Board Inspiration for a Gut Health Dietitian

Brand Design for Gut Health Dietitian, Aligned Nutrition Counseling

Important Website Design Wishes from Aligned Nutrition Counseling

  • Clean
  • Easy to navigate
  • Not too bright or vibrant but a happy mix with current brand colors
  • Not like a template

Custom Squarespace Website Design for Gut Health Dietitian

For this custom website design, our designer Madison knocked the creative direction out of the park! We incorporated brand elements where it made sense, but kept it minimal with evened-spaced elements, room around photos and the rounded edges of rectangles.

You can visit the new Squarespace website for Aligned Nutrition Counseling, Gut Health Dietitian at her domain

Looking for a custom experience to level-up your online practice?

Hi! We’re Chloe Creative – design agency for dietitians and other clinicians. Over 90% of our clientele is dietitians and we pride ourselves in understanding their Type A, loyalist and detailed attitudes to ensure for a very smooth project process moving forward.

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