The Dietitian Runner, Dietitian Logo Design and WordPress Website

dietitian logo design for the dietitian runner

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to the world of dietitian logo design! In this post, we’re excited to take you on a visual journey through our client, The Dietitian Runner. We understand the pivotal role not just one logo, but a branding, plays in defining the identity of a dietitian’s practice, and we’re thrilled […]

10 Proven Strategies to Make Your Online Registered Dietitian Brand Stand Out

couch and moodboard for online registered dietitian brand tips

The demand for online registered dietitians is on the rise. With the increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition in overall health and well-being, people are seeking expert guidance to achieve their dietary goals. If you’re an online registered dietitian, you know that the competition is high – given there are many specialities and private […]

DIY Branding: What to Do When Hiring a Designer Isn’t an Option for Your Private Practice

In the world of private practice, establishing a strong brand presence is crucial for attracting clients and building credibility. A well-designed brand can help you stand out in a competitive field and convey your expertise and professionalism. However, sometimes hiring a professional brand designer may be cost-prohibitive, especially for those starting out or on a […]

Flexispot Standing Desk Review: Work From Home Tips

Chloe with Flexispot Standing Desk

During COVID, I’d love to see the total sales numbers of standing desks, walking pads and other work from home gadgets to spark activity in your daily work life. Say goodbye to the days of sitting while working because mostly everyone has either a standing desk or walking pad. In this blogpost, I’m giving you […]

Branding for Therapists, Kylie Lambert Counseling

Branding for therapists is always really fun to tackle. Being an online design agency who is niched in the clinician space, we have the joy of working with therapists, doctors and dietitians all the time. One of the reasons we really enjoy working with clinicians is the content we can learn from them – Kylie […]

Online Nutrition Business Tip: SEO for Dietitians

This week I had the opportunity of hosting the first FREE Masterclass in a series of 3 that we are hosting. The next opportunity to learn from us is October 21! In this first masterclass, we chatted all about the shift with Google Search, my top recommendations and what you can do to make your […]

Our Favorite Dietitian Websites On WordPress

dietitian websites on wordpress tasteful nutrition

In the wellness space, the internet can be a very confusing space when trying to access valuable and professional information. The best dietitian websites stand out because of the expertise of qualified dietitians, user-friendly interfaces, unique design styles and experiences that convey the personality of the clinicians behind the screen. Here’s a few of our […]