Dietitian Shannon, Plant Based Nutritionist Branding

Back in quarter one, we worked with Shannon on her rebranding from Chef Shannon Nutrition to Dietitian Shannon. What didn’t change was her approach to nutrition – she’s a flexible plant based nutritionist. While we have designed for many dietitians in our years in business, Shannon is the very first that was fully plant focused. […]

Why is SEO Important for Businesses? Confused to Confident in SEO Strategies

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You may have heard about the acronym “SEO” before. Maybe you’ve taken the time to Google what it means and have a surface-level understanding of what it is. But, you’re always wondering: why is SEO important for businesses? In today’s blogpost, we’re walking you through all things Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s 2024 and Google […]

Choosing the Best Host for Small Business Website: Why BigScoots

Recently we’ve had some newly-established private practice owners in our client lineup, and with that, we often get asked what’s really needed to begin your website design with us. While there’s a list that we’ll dive into, we normally suggest BigScoots as the best host for small business website. If you’re thinking, “what’s a website […]

Living My Beks Life, Best Dietitian Websites for Weight Loss

Woohoo – today we are back with a project round-up of our client, Rebekah! Rebekah is the founder of Living My Beks Life, an online weight loss dietitian for moms. We consider this one of the best dietitian websites for weight loss because Rebekah makes fitness fun – she herself is a mom of 1 […]

Website Design for Therapists in One Day, Kylie Lambert Counseling

You may remember Kylie’s project from a post we did a while back on branding for therapists. Well, she gets two posts because we recently completed a VIP Website Full day for Kylie’s online practice! Website design for therapists is always a fun project to tackle, but especially when they look this good and done […]

Private Practice Marketing: Email Marketing For Your Launch

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This week in the Marketing Momentum Mastermind, we talked all about sales funnels. We touched base on the buyer’s journey, crafting a compelling sales funnel and how to measure the effectiveness of your sales funnel. One of the biggest proponents of a sales funnel is nurturing warmed leads – to do so, you might consider […]

Chloe Creative, Deep Dive Into A Private Practice Marketing Agency

With our team retreat last week, what better way to kickoff February than a post about who we are as a team. Consider this blogpost an update of our current team members, vision & goals for this year, what services we offer, what we’d recommend to a new private practice owner and some final things […]

Designing for Growth: Milestones & Motherhood’s Physical Therapist Website

You might know the account Milestones & Motherhood on Instagram. This is an online practice founded by KC, who is a pediatric physical therapist. In 2023, KC and her team hired Chloe Creative to rebrand her business and redesign her physical therapist website via Squarespace. Lastly, we also navigated around creating a second website for […]

Branding and Website for PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa | Dietitian Website Design

When I talk about why I love working with dietitians, Alyssa is one of those clients that I constantly bring myself back to referencing. Apart from her professionalism and expertise in regards to helping women manage their PCOS symptoms, she’s a kind human and mama to a daughter who may or may not share a […]