Bariatric Meal Prep, Bariatric Dietitian WordPress Website

Kristin, owner and founder of Bariatric Meal Prep is a bariatric dietitian who can really relate to her ideal audience (post bariatric surgery patients, but we’ll dive into that more below!) and leverage her successful Instagram presence. Part of Kristin’s project is still underway, but until then, we’ll update that portion later 🙂

Project Type:

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Membership Creation

Q: Why did you start your business?

I love being a creator and helping others. I felt many bariatric post ops did not have enough support after surgery and at the time there was a lack of dietitian support in the online space. I knew people lacked not only the nutrition knowledge, but also how to create meals on their own. They need someone to build their confidence that this is something they can do.

Bariatric Dietitian Core Values:

  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Exploration
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Patience

Bariatric Meal Prep Ideal Audience:

  • Someone who wants results after surgery and to feel supported
  • Male or female, but mostly women
  • Ages 35-65
  • Income around $75,000 and located in the United States
  • Busy woman who wants support and second guesses her decisions and need for ongoing encouragement and support

WordPress Website Design for Bariatric Dietitian

Custom Bariatric Dietitian Membership – Bariatric Meal Prep Academy

Bariatric Meal Prep Academy is a membership made for post-bariatric individuals. While Kristin has not had bariatric surgery herself, she has immersed herself in this niche that absolutely nails this ideal audience to a T. We had the opportunity to complete Kristin’s WordPress website design, copywriting and officially launched her membership in 2023.

Prior to working with us, Kristin hosted her membership within Circle. While this is a great membership platform with all the functionalities and features that are possible, she always envisioned different features than Circle had to offer. With Chloe Creative, we showed her that everything is possible. Truthfully, with membership designs, we hop on a one-on-one call with you to get inside your brain into what you are looking for within your membership. We’ll come up with a plan of action and then implement the possibilities right within your website.

Each membership that we have developed is completely custom to our client – our client Clara, who founded the Redemptive Health membership has a lot of similar aspects, but completely different contents. However, many have the same foundational pages that carry across no matter what type of industry your membership is in:

  • Custom login page
  • Account page
  • Dashboard
  • Inner module pages

This custom bariatric dietitian membership was built using the Memberpress plugin that we really LOVED. The support was amazing if we needed it, and we were able to integrate her course into the membership as well, which was a big feature we were looking for. Here’s the main features we created within Bariatric Meal Prep Academy:

Bariatric Meal Prep Academy Dashboard Page

This dashboard features multiple features that we wanted to highlight:

  • Welcome and introduction text that links to a start here page
  • The next live group coaching call
  • Recently released recipes
  • Most recent meal plans
  • Latest focus guides
  • Recipe collections that members have created within their accounts

We also decided to go with a sidebar navigation because of the vast amount of links and pages this membership has. This also was decided because we didn’t want a super big change from Circle where the navigation was also on the sidebar.

Weekly Bariatric Meal Plans – Bariatric Meal Prep Academy

As part of the Bariatric Meal Prep Academy, Kristin releases weekly bariatric meal plans. Yes – you heard me – meal plans! This feature was by far our most favorite feature of the membership. With our meal planning creation, users are able to create their own meal plans, swap out recipes, search and filter and more.

Here’s the features that the Bariatric Meal Prep Academy Meal Planner has:

  • Ability to swap out recipes for the same nutritional value
  • Search and filter through the recipe library
  • Remove or add meals into your planner
  • Review nutritional contents
  • Curate a shopping list
  • Add a specified meal plan into your own collection list

Bariatric Meal Prep Academy Food Search

Our next favorite feature of the Bariatric Meal Prep Academy membership is the food search. Think of this as your library of recipes that you can filter and search through by calories, category, contents and more.

Once you click on your desired recipe, it then takes you to the recipe card (we love WP Recipe Maker for this). The recipe card is able to be pinned to Pinterest, leave a rating or review on the recipe and contains all the instructions necessary to get started on actually making this recipe in your meal prep.

One of the best features of the food search is the ability to save your favorite recipes into your collections list, which allows you to build your own meal plan for whatever desires you have! Cool, right?!

Bariatric Dietitian Core Program & Course

Kristin has something called a “Core Program” that essentially was a course she was providing in her previous membership. In Circle, she was providing video links and wasn’t really sure if members were diving into it the way she anticipated. So, with our help, we formatted this as a course within the membership that she can track each members’ progress and completion.

Monthly Bariatric Dietitian Focus Guides

Focus guides are something that Kristin provides each month on a “focused” topic. For example, in the month of August, she chose to cover Bell Peppers, Eating Seasonally and Chilis! With this, we attach a video deep dive, embed the guide for download and allow members to comment via discussion board to spark up interactivity between members.

Curious What A Custom Membership Looks Like for Your Private Practice?

We love working with all kinds of clinicians, but dietitians are our cream of the crop. We specialize in branding, website design, copywriting, social media marketing and membership creation. Essentially, Chloe Creative is a one-stop-shop for a brand that creates a feeling, a website that brings clients and messaging that brings your ideal audience right in front of you.

With membership creation, the possibility is endless. We recommend being on WordPress as there are so many plugins that help achieve certain functionality (and a little code of course 🤪).

If you’re unsure what this might look like for your practice, apply on our contact page and check off membership creation. We’ll reach out to hop on a call to discuss your membership in more detail.