Behind the Binge, Weight Inclusive Nutrition Brand

How amazing is this WordPress website design for this weight inclusive nutrition brand? Formerly Makai Nutrition, we’ve rebranded into Behind the Binge: an anti-diet and weight inclusive nutrition group providing online counseling for binge eating, intuitive eating and body image.

Similarly to a lot of our other clients, Marissa, owner of Behind the Binge, wanted to start her practice to help others on her own terms. She too has struggled with yoyo dieting and binge eating – as the owner of her own practice, she has the opportunity to work with her clients for their best interest.

Project Type:

  • Custom Branding
  • WordPress Website Design

Weight Inclusive Nutrition Brand Values

  • Authenticity & Integrity
  • Teamwork & Autonomy
  • Positivity & Empowerment
  • Inclusion (BTB supports LGBTQ+ rights, BLM, HAES, & value marginalized voices)
  • Making a difference

Q: What is your mission statement?

Our practice, Behind the Binge, strives to empower people to heal from lifelong dieting to they can stop binge eating and be free from the guilt, stress and obsession of diet culture that has distracted them from living in alignment with their authentic self.

Q: What is your vision statement?

To pose challenges to diet culture norms that will empower a new standard of health; a standard that rejects weight stigma & provides equitable, weight-inclusive care that values body diversity.

Who is this Weight Inclusive Nutrition Practice’s ideal client?

  • 30 years of age
  • Married/newly wed
  • Makes around $100,000 joint with her partner
  • Just finishing Whole 30 for the 3rd time
  • Struggled with dieting since middle school
  • Struggles to understand why she can’t lose weight and keep it off
  • Wants to be free from guilt, stress and obsessions
  • Wants to feel strong and healthy with confidence

Brand Concepts for Behind the Binge

This custom private practice brand design features organic textures with hand-drawn elements. Her primary logo features custom glyphs that extend outward to continue the consistency of “organic” and “imperfect” – mirroring the inclusivity of their practice..

Custom WordPress Website Design for an Online Weight Inclusive Nutrition Private Practice

Marissa was already on a WordPress website, but what she was missing (and wanting) was something more vibrant and fun. We achieved this look with custom CSS for movement and the “unexpected” feeling as you scroll her website.

One consistency you’ll notice is the rounded shape elements – funny enough, she actually love this architectural style in her home! However, we purposely rounded our rectangles to once again, bring in the imperfect and organic feeling that rounded corners have.

Marissa also has an amazing program, Behind the Binge Academy, that is completely self-hosted on her website. Essentially, this means that there’s a login page accessible via her website and all contents of the academy are self-hosted within her WordPress Admin. It’s amazing! If you are curious how this works, check out our post on Redemptive Health, a custom online dietitian membership we created via WordPress and Memberspace.

Are you a weight inclusive nutrition practice?

If you are a weight inclusive nutrition practice interested in custom design services, check out our offerings and apply for a discovery call if you feel we’d be a good fit!