Being Intentional Behind Your Brand

Chloe Thomas

Happy Tuesday, y’all. In the theme of changes surrounding CCS recently [and more to come ;)] I wanted to chat about the intentionality behind your brand and why it matters. 

Oftentimes when you’re starting your brand, it can feel like there are so many moving parts that you get lost in what you’re “supposed” to be doing. Social media, emails, blogs, outreach, etc. It can become consuming and lead to a lost meaning of your “why.”

Being intentional behind your brand in my case bleeds into the topic of why I hired on Izzy, my go-to marketing gal and AK, my lead designer. Social media was not my thing and I absolutely dreaded spending my Sundays sitting down and planning out content. I also realized that while I knew how to execute branding, I didn’t love it. I was not being as intentional as I could be behind our social media and wanted to reallocate my time to what I really love – building websites. So, part of my intentionality at CCS was realizing I needed help in order to actually be intentional in every aspect of my business. 

Let’s talk about why having intention in your business is so important:

  • It really creates the mindset that your time on earth is so limited. We only live this life once, so we have to make the most of it!
  • There is meaning behind action in your business – why do we make the decisions we make? This interconnects with the strategy behind brands

So how can you – a business owner – define where you want to focus your intentional-ness in?

  • Step one is to have clarity. What is important to you, what is NOT important to you?
  • Step two is to restructure. After you’ve defined the most important aspects in your business, restructure and reallocate those things to others that you aren’t being intentional about.
  • Step three is to go for it. Step out there and focus on the important things that will maximize your happiness.

In doing this, I’ve found that I’m also much more meaningful about the work I want Izzy, AK, and our other designers to be doing and collectively, as a team – we are producing more intentional and powerful work. 

On my own end of things, I’ve learned to become intentional about who I work with which correlates to my decision to niche down. If you didn’t know, I also work with clients outside of my niche on an “if we’re a great fit” basis. When you’re starting out, it’s common to take on every project that comes your way, but as you grow and evolve, becoming intentional about who you work with (because yes, you get to choose) is so essential. 

Grab & Go Resources for Private Practice Clinicians

Have a knack for research and want to know *everything* when It comes to branding, website and clinical entrepreneurship? Need some hand-holding when it comes to Google Analytics or email marketing?

We’ve got you covered. And it’s all free.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

I needed help with creating a new website and fresh branding, including everything from the logo to the color scheme. I couldn’t be happier with my the final product. It’s so much better than I even imagined! Chloe and her team were a pleasure to work with—super friendly, professional, and timely. I highly recommend them to any dietitian or other nutrition professional looking for help with designing the perfect website or branding.

- Maria Adams, Registered Dietitian

Working with Chloe and her team was the absolute best experience I could have imagined! The team was responsive and easy to communicate with. They took my thoughts and ideas and brought them to life in the most beautiful way! And Chloe was there to answer every question I had along the way. They made the entire experience pleasant and enjoyable, and not to mention, my website now so beautiful and easy to navigate!

- Katie Spada, Registered Dietitian

This was seriously my favorite investment I have made in my business so far! I am so impressed with every detail and could not have imagined anything close to what you have created. You were able to take my vision and create a beautiful website and brand that suited my style to a T! Thank you!!

- Katrina Cox, Registered Dietitian

My website and brand feel so "me" ... while also representing the business in a way that feels very appropriate and polished. I have had so many people reach out after the launch to tell me that our branding and website "match" my personal and business personalities flawlessly. 


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