Top Picks: The Best Therapist Websites That Inspire Client Connection

I’ve been so ready to make an “addendum” to our favorite private practice therapist websites post we published last October. Because we’ve welcomed so many lovely therapist clients in 2024, we wanted to update you all on the best therapist websites Chloe Creative has done and why they truly inspire client connection. As a private practice therapist, you want your website to feel relatable without feeling too “in your face” about therapy. Each of these websites have their own unique touch with very specific client needs.

Why These Earn The Best Therapist Websites

As we were writing this blogpost, we started to think about what really makes a therapist website “the best”. While design is very subjective, meaning it can change based on all of our preferences and opinions, we’ve nailed down our criteria to the following.

Criteria for the best therapist websites:

  • Easy to navigate: Because some clients come to therapists apprehensively, you want to make sure your website doesn’t “scare” them away by being too overwhelming. Keep it simple. Tell them who you are, your credentials, any background story and how you can work together.
  • Online booking & scheduling: With any of our private practice clients, we encourage embedding an appointment scheduler of some sort within the website. This makes you very accessible to them and shows your ideal clients you are ready to work!
  • Strong branding: We can easily compare a therapist website design with branding to one without branding and you’d feel more connected to the one with branding. Why? That’s the point! Branding creates an emotional connection visually so that you aren’t relying on one thing within your practice to do the work (i.e. graphics, email list, photography).

The four therapist clients we are outlining in this blogpost are Kylie Lambert Counseling, Bloom Well Therapy, DLM Psychology and That’s So Well. Let’s do a brief overview of each in case you want to hop down to that specific project below.

Meet the Best Therapist Websites by Chloe Creative

  • Kylie Lambert Counseling: Kylie is an NC-based therapist focusing in overcoming anxiety and building self-confidence. Through her social media, she also brings a fun perspective into her messaging by using DIY home tips as a creative outlet to cope with anxiety. Her website is in this list because of how straightforward it is to navigate!
  • Bloom Well Therapy: Jessica is a perinatal therapist in California. Her branding incorporates subtle fun elements that really makes her website have a unique experience. It’s also so easy to book a call with her!
  • DLM Psychology: Dana owns DLM Psychology and focuses on young adults in the NYC area. All we have to say – strong branding is prominent on this website!
  • That’s So Well: Arielle is the founder of her private practice based in California. She works with individuals who struggle with anxiety, people pleasing and more. Her website is on this list because of it’s complete uniqueness of style.

Best Therapist Websites | Kylie Lambert Counseling

Kylie Lambert originally booked Chloe Creative to rebrand her counseling business after feeling completely overwhelmed with how her DIY influencer account can mesh with her counseling page. Having two pages was just too much to manage – but how/if could it work?

We completed a Marketing Branding with Kylie to showcase how DIY home and mental wellness can mesh together – i.e. we created a tagline for her business, “mental wellness starts at home”, that fully reaches and covers all aspects of who she wants to target and why.

Website Design for Kylie Lambert Counseling

A few months after she felt comfortable using her new branding, she reached back out to us ready to tackle her new website design. Because she had an existing website on Squarespace – and didn’t plan on too much extensive blogging – we recommended she stay on Squarespace and we complete a VIP Website Full Project together.

Our VIP Website Full means that Kylie started the day with no website and left the end of business day with a brand new SEO-optimized website. It’s a quick turnaround time because it only comes with 5 pages of design & development.

Blogpost to Review Kylie’s Project for The Best Therapist Websites

Kylie has a blogpost all about her website, project details and more. However, for the sake of this blog, I will summarize a few key things on why this website is one of the best.

  • Uses branding so well. By having a professional branding, you really get a feel for the type of person Kylie is along with her fun/outgoing personality!
  • Movement with simplicity. Kylie’s brand felt very calming so we wanted to incorporate some fun moving pieces throughout to ramp up excitement.
  • Ability to check insurance benefits. On her services page, you’ll see an embedded calculator to find out if your insurance is covered with her services.

If you like Kylie’s website and are intrigued by the one day website service, apply for a discovery call and select our VIP services to chat more!

Best Therapist Websites | Bloom Well Therapy

Bloom Well Therapy, owned by Jessica, is a perinatal therapist in California. Originally, she booked us for a branding only project with a few collateral items, but was one of the first clients to be a “test monkey” for our VIP Website Full.

And yes – her website was created in just one business day.

This website is being featured because of it’s unique design style and hidden elements that make us giddy!

Squarespace Website for Perinatal Therapists

Jessica had already started DIYing her website when she decided to hire our team – that said, because she was new to website design, Squarespace would have been our recommendation either way. Once Jessica filled out her VIP Copywriting Template to learn more about writing her website copy with SEO in mind, we were able to completely transform her practice virtually.

Here are a couple of reasons why this website is being featured:

  • Design style. I mean can you even – the scallops in the header bar? Darling!
  • Color usage & branding. Throughout this website you’ll see perfect color usage of her brand palette and elements to make it feel just right. We wanted her potential clients to see her website and feel comfortable, and it does just that!
  • Clear description of rates. Not all individuals will agree to having pricing posted on your website, but we are big fans! Jessica has a “Rates and FAQs” page that has the investment price and any questions you may already have for her.

If you like Jessica’s website and are intrigued by the one day website service, apply for a discovery call and select our VIP services to chat more!

Best Therapist Websites | DLM Psychology

Dr. Dana Moriarity approached Chloe Creative with nothing yet established for her fast-growing practice. Located right in the middle of NYC, she needed something strong and representative of her personality and ideal clients. She booked us for a branding, Showit website design & copywriting with our copywriter on our team.

With Diana completing the website copywriting for Dr. Dana, we were able to optimize all of her copywriting for her specific needs. Essentially, as a copywriting client, you hop on a call with Diana to discuss your goals and ideal client, and the next time you hear from her you have fully done-for-you copywriting to edit.

Showit Websites for Therapists

For this to be featured in our best therapist websites blogpost, we knew one with incredibly strong branding had to make it’s appearance. This Showit website is absolutely stunning in the usage of such bright colors which are perfectly depicted of Dr. Dana’s personality.

Here’s what also caught our eyes for this to make our list:

  • User experience. There is only one way to get in touch with Dr. Dana and that’s via her Contact page. It’s super simple, just how we prefer! Having too many options can cause for confusion!
  • Different specialities outlined. Something that we’ll always recommend to clinicians with more than one speciality is clearly defining them on the website by having separate pages.
  • Brand usage. Again, this one explains itself!

Best Therapist Websites | That’s So Well

In the beginning of 2024, Arielle found us via Instagram and was ready to make the move from Squarespace to WordPress. This move was motivated by wanting to pursue her SEO strategy a bit more. As we always say, WordPress will be the best thing for growing organically via an SEO strategy – that doesn’t go to say you can’t rank well on other platforms.

WordPress has many features to make growth easier, and faster if you are ready to start blogging consistently! She booked us for a WordPress website design and here are a few reasons why this website made the list:

  • Fun elements. On her website you’ll notice a few scrolling sections. When you have a lot of copywriting to work with, this is a great design option to avoid the lengthier page scroll.
  • Online shop feature. With WordPress, they have the option for e-commerce through a plugin. Arielle can now sell her guides passively!
  • Outline of specialties. Similarly to DLM Psychology, Arielle chose to outline separate pages for each of her specialties which is a big win for user experience and SEO.

Conclusion: Emphasizing Excellence in Therapist Website Design

We absolutely love working with therapists on their website designs. There are so many ways to effectively communicate your different specialties and design styles while also being transparent for who you’d like to work with.

Key Takeaways from the Best Therapist Websites

Some key takeaways throughout this blogpost are that most websites have so many things in common! With any clinician website, here’s our recommendations for making your website one of the best:

  • Establishing trust via messaging. Your copywriting matters! By hiring a professional team (like us) you gain insight with copywriting guides or by working with a copywriter to effectively communicate trust to your clients.
  • Use your branding. Branding is so important to connect emotionally. A website without a brand feels disconnected. When that’s the case – your ideal client won’t feel connected to working with you over competitors.
  • Consider your specialties. Not all the time should you heavily develop pages for each of your specialties, but this can be immensely helpful when growing your SEO strategy.

Book Chloe Creative to Create Your Therapist Website Design

If you are DIYing your website – great! Hopefully this post provided some high-level insight on what you can do to ensure your website remains one of the top in industry.

Or, if you are ready to invest in a professional, know that our team has great experience in clinician website design, especially therapists. We’d love to collaborate and connect with you to really craft a branding and/or website that sets your practice above competitors!

When ready, apply to work with us. In the meantime, here are some other projects to look over: