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3 Ways Bad SEO Can Ruin Your Online Business

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Today’s blog post is inspired by one of my clients who came to me needing immediate help because upon hiring another designer to redesign their website, their website analytics tanked; thus, client inquiries also tanked.

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3 Reasons Why A Dietitian Needs a Custom Brand

Branding, Entrepreneurship

Let’s go ahead and dive into reason number one why you [as a dietitian entrepreneur] needs a custom brand for your private practice.

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Play to Learn, New York Speech Pathologist Website

Branding, Client Work, Websites

Polina, owner of Play to Learn, has foundations [and certifications] in trauma and ADHD specifically with children.

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3 Reasons Why Moodboards Are Included In Your Brand Guidelines

Branding, Entrepreneurship

Moodboards are something we include in all of our clients’ brand guidelines. This is actually one of the very first components we create when coming up with concepts for your dietitian branding.

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5 Hidden Pages Every Dietitian Needs On Their Website

Entrepreneurship, Websites

We’ve even chatted about the importance of having a strong about page and coaching/services page that really hones into your experience and expertise as an RDN. But what about pages that maybe, can’t be seen?

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5 Things I’m Doing Right Now For Myself


Have you ever gotten so caught up within *fill in the blank here* and you almost forget that you’re a human?

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Growing Kind Minds, Therapist Website in New York

Client Work, Websites

Before working with Chloe Creative, Victoria’s website was overly complicated, jumbled, and had a user experience that was very unclear.

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