Christina Iaboni, A Healthy Living WordPress Blog

Hey hi hello friends!

Officially back into writing our weekly blogposts after being sick for three-ish weeks now! It’s so crazy how something unexpected can change SO much of your schedule. I want you to know that you are not alone if there are days you need to take a step back and just “be”.

Although my sickness was the reason I had to rest all week, it’s SO important to listen to your body and know the symptoms and/or signs of burnout. I truly believe God was telling me that I was doing *too* much at once and needed me to slow down for my own health. Sometimes we just need that wake up call, right?

Along the same sides of taking care of yourself, I’m introducing one of my sweet clients, Christina, to announce the launch of her beautiful brand and WordPress website design.

Christina came to Chloe Creative with a Wix website and blog for her healthy living blog full of informational blogposts and recipes. She knew that WordPress was the best option for all of her blogposts she writes daily, so we immediately knew the direction we wanted to take.

Fast forward to her project start date, we began with a full rebrand of her business. We renamed her business from Cucina de Christina to her personal brand, Christina Iaboni and we love how it turned out!

Christina’s target audience is working moms who need healthy, nourishing recipes for their family. She targeted moms in particular, because most of the time, they are the ones doing the grocery shopping and need the extra help in regards to what to cook! Not all of her recipes are geared for families with young children, but they are all easy and affordable.

Because Christina was pushing out so many blogposts per week (it’s her main source of service for her business), I knew we wanted a “blog heavy” homepage for her website. I envisioned little to minor website copy with a lot of blogposts from different categories, personal favorites and more.

On her homepage, we highlighted her most recent blogposts, most popular (filtered by the most views on each single blogpost page) and a round-up of her favorite blogposts. I absolutely loved that Christina was on board with this vision of the homepage because it really is exposing SO many posts on one single page – a huge thing for click rate and lower bounce rate.

We also decided to create an Events page where Christina will update with her recent Workshops where you can purchase recordings for your own replay. She and a colleague currently have a Virtual Wellness Workshop that is too amazing to pass up on!

I completely admire all the work that Christina does, ranging from sponsored video and blog content, recipe reels over on her Instagram and food photography that makes me want to eat anything she makes!

If you are in the food blogging niche and are looking for a website that hosts all of your blogposts, book a discovery call with myself to chat details of your project and timeline!