Dance Studio Showit Website Design, Triple Pointe Dance Academy

This project was one for the heart! Triple Pointe Dance Academy is a newly launched dance studio here in my hometown of Sanford, NC. I absolutely jump for joy everytime someone from Sanford wants to work with me – so for this project, happiness was done!

TPDA had a branding already complete, so they jumped right in with a custom Showit website design. 

I immediately took their brand colors and personality (from knowing them personally) and found a fun pattern that would be the icing on the cake of their website. 

They also had A TON of throwback dance photos that I knew I had to use. Instead of just pasting them onto the site, I made polaroid mock-ups and it instantly had a timeless feel. You could definitely tell these girls have been dancing forever!

TPDA is opening its doors for the first time this fall and I’m so happy for them. You can view their live website here!

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