Dietitian Gianna, Dietitian Brand Design

If you are a dietitian and want to be a “cool” RD (our client Gianna said this in her intake form so we had to use it!), this brand is the result. This dietitian brand design is bright and colorful, includes fun food patterns and makes you think back to the early 00s! Let’s dive in ⤵️

What are some of the core values for Dietitian Gianna?

  • Kindness
  • Emphathetic
  • Caring
  • Inclusive
  • Self-respect
  • Honesty

Dietitian Gianna’s Mission Statement

Helping women reclaim their gut health and bodies to live their happiest and healthiest life. Gianna also has a trademarked slogan, “It’s a beautiful day to be kind to yourself”, that we actually decided to turn into one of her brand assets. See it below!

it's a beautiful day to be kind to yourself tagline

Ideal Audience for a Gut Health Dietitian

Gianna’s ideal audience was described as the following:

  • 20-35 year old female
  • 100K single income
  • Loves traveling, wine nights, nights in watching Netflix, exercising and socializing
  • Struggles with general gut health: basics and more impact gut health conditions
  • Searching for freedom from their medical conditions and to not feel chained to the bathroom

We have actually served a few other gut-health dietitians like: Sustained Roots, Dietitian Tirzah, and Restord By Allie.

Adjectives to Describe This Dietitian Brand Design

  • Modern
  • Casual
  • Energetic
  • Playful

Dietitian Brand Design Pinterest Board

For every client that books a branding design with us, we require them to curate a moodboard via Pinterest filled with their favorite patterns, colors, typography, textures or anything else that gives you inspiration. Here’s what Gianna sent over to us!

Now, let’s get into the real-deal, the nitty-gritty! This brand design is one of our favorites and we are so excited to showcase it to you!

Colorful Dietitian Brand Design

Here’s what Gianna had to say about her experience working with Chloe Creative:

Why did you end up choosing Chloe Creative for this project?

  • I felt like y’all really understand dietitians and also felt connected to you as a company/person/brand!

What were your thoughts on the process?

  • 100/10 loved it all. I thought it was all on point, I loved how efficient the time was for everything and how easy to navigate it was.

Are you a dietitian ready to level-up your visual identity?

Here at Chloe Creative, we specialize in dietitian brand design, website design, copywriting & messaging and membership creation and management. We love all of our clients and are so grateful to serve them.

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