Digital Marketing Agency Brand and Website, Primer Digital

Digital Marketing Agency Brand and Website, Primer Digital

Primer Digital is a digital marketing agency dedicated to serving health and wellness entrepreneurs through social media management, facebook ads and more! Primer Digital’s owner, Stephanie, reached out to me for a fully custom branding and website design.

In her branding homework, she already knew she wanted modern and luxurious along with an earth toned color palette. This honestly worked out perfectly, because in taking into consideration her ideal audience (health and wellness) — we knew they liked it too!

One of the “fun” questions we get to ask our clients in the brand discovery process is how they dress when interacting with their clients. Stephanie described her style as comfortable but sleek – which was a great descriptor for her branding design.

We decided to do a WordPress website for Primer Digital because her website was already on this platform. We changed web builders and implemented an entirely new design incorporating those earth tones with new branding that equaled luxury!

You can view the live site here. 

If you’re interested in a custom branding and website design you can inquire on our Contact Page or set up a free consultation with Chloe, here

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