Eating Disorder Dietitian Branding, Redefined Nutrition

Get ready for this one, because it’s a beauty.

Also launched this week is a beautiful branding design for an online-based private practice who specializes in treating and helping those with eating disorders.

As we went into her branding discovery, here are some things she noted in her questionnaire:
What are your three favorite things to do? 

I love to spend time vegging out with my husband and pup (Clementine 🍊), exploring local greenhouses and inevitably adding to my houseplant collection, and checking out new restaurants!

What exactly does your business do? What do your provide? 

I provide 1:1 nutrition counseling for individuals in recovery from an eating disorder, disordered eating, and chronic dieting. I also work closely with client’s families and treatment teams (treatment facility, therapist, physician). I work to create a safe and inclusive space for my clients to process and heal. Everything I do is always in collaboration with my clients and I want them to leave feeling lifted up, inspired, and encouraged.

What colors do you resonate with?

I also love stark whites and earthy tones such as green, blues and amber/burnt oranges and reds. I want the colors of my brand to be bold, vivid, and rich. I’m gravitating towards white with pops of said bold colors. Many ED specialists utilize soft color palettes such as pastels, lavender, baby blues, etc. for their branding. I’d like my branding to embody how brave and courageous my clients are and for me, this doesn’t scream soft colors. However, I’m not a fan of neons, pink, purple and yellow.

Based on feedback and the revision process, we custom-created her branding.

Together we created a branding that gives off feelings of comfort, warmth, professionalism, dedication and invitation. The colorful primary logo makes for a fun and inviting environment, while the secondary logo brings back the simple structure.

Working with Amber was nothing but fun collaboration and it’s always a joy for me to be able to work with dietitians going into private practice.

If you are an RDN and are interested in a branding design, I’d love to partner with you to custom-create something that fully represents your true and authentic self!