Entirely Nourished, New York Heart Health Dietitian

I’m super excited to write more about one of our recent dietitian branding and website design launches for Michelle at Entirely Nourished.

Michelle is a heart health dietitian (you can actually find her on Instagram @heart.health.dietitian) who is dedicated in serving those who have struggled or may soon to be struggling with their heart health. Michelle takes an approach of ADDING foods into your diet to increase blood flow, heartbeat and artery optimization. She’s so awesome!

Michelle’s practice is based online and serves mainly men, but anyone who has struggled with their heart functions or has had a stroke.

In Michelle’s brand discovery, we uncovered her deep desire to help those with heart disease. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer globally? 1 in 4 people die of heart disease. Some of her brand values included: honesty, kindness, compassion and being a great listener.

As we began to develop her brand, we wanted to incorporate her values as well as her clients’ likes and dislikes. We decided on a color palette that uses a forest green as the main driver.

We also decided on an abstract icon that looks like a heart, but it also contains her business’ initials: “e” and “n”. See what we did there? Insanely cool.

The organic typeface in her logo suite enhances the feeling of “transparency” that Michelle has with her clients. She is truly dedicated to working with them closely to find an approach and diet that works best for them.

Michelle came from a Wix website, and we all know how I feel about them…

Because she came from Wix, I was unable to migrate her blogposts over – thus, the manual transfer process began. This isn’t me complaining – it’s just apart of my job that can sometimes be easier depending on what platforms my clients were previously on. In the end, her blogposts transferred over utilizing the SEO now on WordPress via Yoast SEO.

Her main website was built on Showit, because we wanted maximum customization with aesthetically pleasing front-end and a WordPress blog for her blogposts when she pushes those out. Showit is such an amazing platform for dietitians for this reason!

Her website contains a lot of fading text, and sliding in elements like those big green blobs that make for a great accent piece. My main goal for these blobs were to mirror the curvature that is found in her heart icon we created.

One really exciting piece that we added on were hidden pages that contained her Dubsado contact forms. We didn’t want pages full of forms and sign up areas; so, we embedded those into hidden pages and solved that request!

Michelle is also one of my Next Level Now mentees whom I get to coach for a 12 week period. This was an amazing opportunity while we were designing her website and integrating Dubsado because we are able to collaborate on an entirely different level. Now that her website is live, we are going to begin automating her contact forms for each of her services.

If you are interested in joining my next round of Next Level Now, join the waitlist here!

Last thing, friends:: if you are a dietitian ready to boost into your next level, book a call with me to chat next steps! We are booking for late-spring and summer timelines!