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Entrepreneurial Tips for Your Enneagram Type

If you’re unfamiliar with the Enneagram test, it’s one of my favorite personality tests to take. I love it so much, I include it into my team onboarding process — it also is a great way to know how to communicate with one another in the workplace!

To begin, let’s overview the different types that you can be in the Enneagram.

Type 1: The Perfectionist

Type 2: The Helper

Type 3: The Achiever

Type 4: The Individualist

Type 5: The Investigator

Type 6: The Loyalist

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Type 8: The Challenger

Type 9: The Peacemaker

You can take the Enneagram test here to see which type you identify most with. The next type you identify with (so the next popular in line from your results) is your wing type. Personally, I’m a 2w3, which means I am majority The Helper, while part The Achiever. Cool, right?

Let’s dig into the entrepreneurial tips for entrepreneurs. I did some research on every type of the Enneagram and have compiled some thoughts and applied it to entrepreneurship. Keep in mind, this is just my fun opinion on each Enneagram and I encourage you to take the test to determine which best identifies your personality.

Type 1: The Perfectionist (in business)

Problem – Feels the need to be perfect in everything they do. From managing their business, to managing employees, their standards are high and they intend to achieve it. Can lead to feeling like they are “never enough”

Tip – To do lists and deadlines are important to 1’s. When a 1 can check off their list or meet a specific deadline, they feel very accomplished and ready to tackle the next step.

Type 2: The Helper (in business)

Problem – Can take on too much by helping others. Constantly forgets to take care of themselves. They lack boundaries, hate saying no and let people in *too* much.

Tip – 2’s need to do a lot of inner work when in business. This means, self practice of actually seeing yourself as an authority/business owner. 2’s also need to realize their goals are just as important as others’ goals — to do lists are helpful in achieving this mindset. 

Type 3: The Achiever (in business)

Problem – Achievers tend to take on too much for themselves and can get highly competitive with those around them. Think of them as your general “workaholics”. 

Tip – 3’s really need self-care. Implement breaks in your workdays and plan lots of vacations to help enforce the work-life balance. 

Type 4: The Individualist (in business)

Problem – Individualists are known to also be highly emotional. This can be very restricting in business because sometimes, tough things (like firing an employee or having a tough client) can take a toll on you. This can always lead individualists feeling like they are unworthy of being in business.

Tip – Find a community that supports you! This can be life-changing for a 4 – knowing you are supported, loved and CAN do this will work wonders for you!

Type 5: The Investigator (in business)

Problem – Over analyzes everything. Can be seen as “pushing the boundaries”. They struggle with being personable over just selling their product/service. 

Tip – Investigators need a strong support system whether this be a team member or a business owner friend that can help you to stay productive while being personable too!

Type 6: The Loyalist (in business)

Problem – Loyalists can become too involved in their clients’ lives, their teams’ lives and everyone around them. Because of this, they are highly indecisive.

Tip – Less options are better! If you are a 6, try to not dip your toes into problems around you. Focus on minimal things at once (maybe 3 things) and find what works best for yourself!

Type 7: The Enthusiast (in business)

Problem – Enthusiasts struggle with getting the “not so fun” things done. They can become overly excited of certain things which oftentimes can bring feelings of letdown. 

Tip – Start batching your time! Plan out a 30 minute time frame (with a timer) to sit down and do the not so fun tasks of business! Once done, move onto the next thing!

Type 8: The Challenger (in business)

Problem – Challengers can come off as controlling – they like to act without thinking and “challenge” all aspects of others’ thoughts. They love to reason with people!

Tip – Read your environment and others’ around you before you make a decision or decide to speak! Take into consideration how other people might feel based on your reaction. 

Type 9: The Peacemaker (in business)

Problem – 9’s are usually people who tend to get walked over in any aspect in business or life. Because they want peace with everyone, they love to help too (hey Enneagram 2’s). They struggle to find confidence.

Tip – A steady schedule is best for a 9, because they know what to expect! Find a partner or a friend to hold you accountable for your goals/dreams (because you can achieve them) and celebrate the little wins!

I really enjoy finding out what Enneagram others resonate with. For me, I have done SO much research and feel like my type is a strong representation of who I am. I can learn something new every day! What’s your type?