Fertility Awareness Branding and WordPress Website Design, FAbM Base

Today’s blogpost is all about one of our recent launches for FAbM Base, an online fertility awareness database. This has been the biggest [and longest] website I’ve ever designed and it was both a challenge and a joy to work on!

Emily and Mary approached me back at the latter half of 2020 and said they had a BIG project to be done, but had no idea how to do it. Insert CCS, and I was confident I was going to give them exactly what they wanted.

To begin the process, we began brand discovery and quickly found out they definitely wanted a color palette that incorporated burnt orange and royal blue. Being both Catholic, blue is a shoutout to Mother Mary. Together, these colors are completely opposite on the color wheel, which really describes the situations Emily and Mary are in personally. Emily and Mary are both in different stages of fertility and both bring something different to the table at FAbM Base. Royal blue and burnt orange also symbolize the sunset, which mirrors the levels of information they provide to their audience (the ages of puberty = sunrise, menopause = sunset).

Moving onto the website design portion, after chatting with Emily and Mary and hearing more thoughts on what they were looking for, I knew WordPress was going to be the platform for them. The largest part of this website is their “User Database” where you are able to checkbox off certain criteria and then automatically be shown results of people who have the same criteria as you selected. This was achieved through a plugin in combination with post custom-tagging and custom category templates.

If you’re interested in a WordPress website design, you can book a 1:1 call with me here. I am a proud website developer (yes, I know how to code!) and am ready to tackle anything you hand my way!