Fitness Branding and Website Design, Chaselynn Williams

Chloe Thomas

Chaselynn Williams – a fitness trainer based out of Texas, became one of my most inspiring clients.

Chase is such an energetic person and it really motivated me the WHOLE time during our project. I wanted to create something that represented that energy, but also in the neutral tones that she is drawn to.

We began her process in the discovery phase of branding, which entails all of the personal questions I ask each of my clients in the branding process. You can grab a free guide of the questions I ask my clients, here.

One thing that was equally as energetic as Chase’ personality, was that we shared the same initials. CLW. I just thought it was super cute to design for a name that shared something with my own — however, since then I’ve gotten married and my initials are now different. #sad!

After we wrapped up her branding, we moved onto the website design. She opted for a fully-custom showit website design and I totally think it was worth it for her.

Both the copy (which was written by Chase herself) and the photography combined for a soft and moody fitness website that told her story and how she is where she is today. I highly recommend reading her website, as its super motivating to me!

AND – the most exciting part, her website isn’t even *fully* complete yet. We are in the process of some super exciting additions that will put the chef’s kiss on this beauty! Stay tuned to see those updates, and I hope you loved her design as much as I did!

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

I needed help with creating a new website and fresh branding, including everything from the logo to the color scheme. I couldn’t be happier with my the final product. It’s so much better than I even imagined! Chloe and her team were a pleasure to work with—super friendly, professional, and timely. I highly recommend them to any dietitian or other nutrition professional looking for help with designing the perfect website or branding.

- Maria Adams, Registered Dietitian

Working with Chloe and her team was the absolute best experience I could have imagined! The team was responsive and easy to communicate with. They took my thoughts and ideas and brought them to life in the most beautiful way! And Chloe was there to answer every question I had along the way. They made the entire experience pleasant and enjoyable, and not to mention, my website now so beautiful and easy to navigate!

- Katie Spada, Registered Dietitian

This was seriously my favorite investment I have made in my business so far! I am so impressed with every detail and could not have imagined anything close to what you have created. You were able to take my vision and create a beautiful website and brand that suited my style to a T! Thank you!!

- Katrina Cox, Registered Dietitian

My website and brand feel so "me" ... while also representing the business in a way that feels very appropriate and polished. I have had so many people reach out after the launch to tell me that our branding and website "match" my personal and business personalities flawlessly. 


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