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Fuel2Live, Massachusetts Sports Dietitian Branding

We are so excited to showcase this custom branding design with marketing strategy for a Massachusetts sports dietitian. Fuel2Live was established in 2014, but it was during COVID-19 that owner Michelle’s love for crossfit and strength-training erupted.

Not only does Michelle love crossfit and strength-training, but she loves finding ways to support post-partum and pregnant women navigate their wellness journey. So, let’s dive into Michelle’s project!

Before we begin Michelle’s project breakdown, take some time to review our other sports dietitian brand projects such as Bre Cecil Nutrition, Fueled and Well, and Spada Strong Nutrition. Each of these projects take a different approach to sports nutrition and we loved working with each of them. You can also read more on how to tap into the deeper meaning of your brand to understand what our process looks like as we dive into Michelle’s project.

Project Type:

Custom branding with the following add-ons:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Instagram Feed Templates
  • Instagram Highlight Covers

Q: Why did you start your business?

There is such a lack of concrete, credible info in these areas that I realized once becoming pregnant, and a lot of the current info around pregnancy/ postpartum is very outdated. I want to help women feel strong and healthy, and move from being under fueled to fueled. So many of my clients come to me wanting to lose weight and gain muscle, but they are not eating enough, and are stuck in that dieting mentality that I want to break! 🙂

Massachusetts Sports Dietitian Brand Values We Established:

  • Professionalism & Expertise
    • There’s a lot of nutrition information out there, which also means a lot of contradiction and confusion. Fuel2Live’s personalized approach is completely custom to each client to provide individualized care.
  • Relatability
    • Michelle has struggled and dealt with the same things that her clients deal with – she understands the transition into motherhood and uses that experience to help shape her approach to health and fitness.


Nutrition for active lifestyles.

Ideal Client Persona:

  1. Women who are currently pregnant and trying to prepare for postpartum.
  2. Postpartum moms trying to get back into fitness
  3. Women who are post college and former D1 athletes working full-time and moving into a more sedentary lifestyle.

Average age: 18-40

Income level: $60,000+

Hobbies: Cooking, working out, yoga, reading in their free time, loves trying new restaurants, traveling and going outdoors

Final Sports Dietitian Branding Concepts:

Marketing Strategy Piece: Massachusetts Sports Dietitian

Michelle opted to add a marketing strategy onto her custom branding project. Our marketing strategy is available to add-on to any custom brand project. This includes brand values, brand tone, ideal client psychographics and ideal client demographics. Let’s outline Michelles:

Brand Personality:

  • Lively
  • Supportive
  • Fun
  • Athletic
  • Trustworthly

Massachusetts Sports Dietitian Target Audience Psychographics:

  • Fear of contrasting opinions from what they read online
  • Fear nutrition won’t make a difference to their health
  • They want to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically
  • They prioritize quality of the services provided even if it might cost more

Massachusetts Sports Dietitian Branding

We were so grateful to partner with Michelle at Fuel2Live Nutrition for her custom branding with marketing strategy. If you are a Massachusetts sports dietitian or any private practice clinician that needs a custom brand or website, please apply for a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for your design service needs.