Fueled and Well, Online Sports Dietitian, Brand and Showit Website

Hey friends, happy Friday! In today’s blogpost, we’re going to introduce you to case study on one of my dear friends and clients, Brittany from Fueled and Well, who is an online sports dietitian. As a little fun fact, we *actually* aren’t friends IRL, she’s just a client who was VERY similar to myself and our project went so smoothly based on our similarities 🙂 She’s also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met! Check out our project post on Fuel2Live Nutrition, Spada Strong Nutrition and Bre Cecil Nutrition to compare other sports dietitians we’ve completed!

Project Type:

  • Custom brand design
  • Instagram feed posts
  • Business card design

Details About Her Project

In our brand discovery phase, we require all of our clients to complete an extensive questionnaire that walks them through personal questions (like strengths and weaknesses), ideal client questions, and even personal style preferences! This form is something we’ve changed over the years, but we feel it is a very vital part of our process.

Within Brittany’s form, we identified:

  • She’s specialized in sports nutrition and was so overwhelmed by diet culture and weight stigma in this industry specifically
  • She’s very organized (with her own business and clients)
  • Struggling to scale with 1:1 offers – aren’t we all?!
  • Targeting female athletes ages 15-35 who are struggling with diagnosed eating disorders
  • Style is clean and minimalistic
  • Doesn’t love websites with a lot of movement
  • Likes neutrals but isn’t afraid of pops of colors here and there

With all of this in mind, we wanted to ensure we created a brand that was on-par with her personality, but also something that female athletes were drawn to.

Our main focus of this brand was to keep neutrals a vital part of it – alongside, we added a beautiful orange and yellow that ensured it gave the brand that kind of “excitement” that athletes feel when a new challenge arises.

Her icon was one of our absolute favorites in that it was SO unique, rounded and modern all-in-one. Gimme all the heart eyes, here!

What does a Sports Dietitian Showit Website look like?

First off, yes, we moved her website from WordPress to Showit. We felt that Showit was a smart move here because of how her brand encompassed this easy-going, flowing attitude. Showit is a platform that is ever-growing and is enabled to create those really fun, aesthetically pleasing websites!

This Showit website features:

  • Unique shapes
  • Layering of objects/photos to create an easy-going vibe
  • Clean, minimal and crisp sections
  • A Sales Page that is now SO on brand
  • Links to her client portal
  • Multiple ways to contact her or book a call on her contact page

You can see and interact with Brittany’s website HERE.

What did Brittany Say After All of This?

Q: How are you feeling about your business now that you’ve invested into a branding and website design?


I actually feel PROUD for people to visit my website and my social media – before if someone asked me if I had a website, I would say “uhhhh yes” but in the same breath encourage them to simply follow me on Instagram & send me an email if they needed anything. I would never dare tell someone to go spend time on my website, because it did evoke any sort of feelings & did not convey the level of professionalism that I strive for.

My website and brand feel so “me” … while also representing the business in a way that feels very appropriate and polished. I have had so many people reach out after the launch to tell me that our branding and website “match” my personal and business personalities flawlessly. While I know that beautiful, strategic branding and site design isn’t a silver bullet to having a viable, “real” business – it does feel incredible to have such a strong and cohesive presence to put out into the world now. I cannot wait to see where this new level of strategy and brand identity takes Fueled & Well Nutrition and I am so glad that I chose CCS to be the ones to implement the vision!

Are you ready to invest in a brand for your sports dietitian practice?

There’s no “right” time – you just need to be open to the possibility of change and what can happen in your business! Ready? Apply here!