Fun Therapist Website Design, Bloom Well Therapy

Today we are highlighting one of our therapist website design clients, Bloom Well Therapy. Jessica is a perinatal therapist, who was so amazing to work with. Our team loved learning about Jessica’s background, her growth desires for her online private practice and how we could get her to the next point of her capacity. We were hired for a branding design with collateral items and a VIP Website Full. In case you haven’t heard, our VIP Website Full is a 5-page one day website fully developed for you!

While Jessica was in the beginning stages of developing her own website herself, she felt she had many things on her plate (she’s also a mom herself) and knew outsourcing was her solution. In just one business day, she had a beautiful website made live! As a therapist, this is so important to show up online and humanize yourself so potential patients can connect with you prior to inquiring.

Meet Owner of Bloom Well Therapy: Perinatal Therapist, Jessica

Jessica holds a Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C) certification recognized by Postpartum Support International. This completely sets her apart from many individuals because there aren’t many therapists who hold such a specific certification. As we dove into her branding, this became more prominent.

Jessica first reached out to us in December of last year during her transition from group practice and launching her own private practice. She knew she needed the branding and website in order to successfully maximize her reach. Afterward, we hopped on a quick discovery call to really nail down what package will be best for her.

Our discovery calls are a great opportunity to have your questions answered prior to investing in working with us. As much as we’d love to work with you, we understand we might not be the best design team for your situation. This is why we discuss our timeline, process, how to provide feedback and how we decide what website platforms will be best for you. If you feel yourself overwhelmed, consider applying for a call!

Jessica’s Need for Rebranding and Therapist Website Design

As mentioned above, Jessica was in the middle of transitioning from group practice into her own private practice when she reached out to us. Within our intake questionnaire, we always ask what difficulties you are currently experiencing – Jessica explained that she was eager to begin marketing for clients.

Any therapist in private practice can benefit from having a dedicated branding and website design. In regards to branding, this can make content creation easier by instilling a confidence in yourself to show up online. There’s also the more psychological aspect of branding where it’s used to connect with your ideal clients via color psychology. It’s believed that many therapists struggle showing up online and authentically with the fear that their potential clients might confuse this with a lack of professionalism. With a brand, you are able to combat this problem professionally and authentically.

Chloe Creative’s Expertise: Partnering with Jessica for a Transformative Rebrand

Chloe Creative has been a design studio since 2018 who specializes in working with private practice clinicians. As we’ve grown over the past years, we’ve welcomed more therapists than ever in our client lineup. By being this specialized in our niche, we are able to deeply understand our ideal clients’ wishes and understand what will perform best for them. We have several clients who have 500K+ visits on their websites and have grown their brand awareness via digital products.

When Jessica reached out to our team, we were over the moon excited because we knew we could help her jump into private practice confidently with our services. As part of our process, we began onboarding Jessica and sent her an intake questionnaire to learn more about her. Through this form, we learned:

  • Jessica’s target audience
  • Jessica’s goals for her practice up to 3 years
  • Design preferences and descriptors

Our process is custom-tailored to clinicians which enables us to have so much confidence in helping private practices of all ages (i.e. new or seasoned).

Crafting the Brand Identity: Bringing Bloom Well Therapy’s Vision to Life

Our Junior Designer Kate took on this project fully hands-on. As part of our process, we review the intake questionnaire from Jessica, the Pinterest Board of branding inspiration and the brand adjectives to begin conceptualizing Bloom Well’s new branding.

At first, our round one branding featured all the same elements minus a change in primary. In round one, we focused on a thicker main font whereas her final branding was thinner. We found after some discussion and revisions, Jessica preferred thinner type with colors that can be gender neutral. We’ve actually had multiple potential clients reference her color palette because they love how diverse it was!

Some of the branding adjectives Jessica used to describe her style was: modern, casual, calm, mature and playful. After reviewing these words and her inspiration board, Kate decided to include some really amazing textures and patterns. I especially love the weaved texture that can be used in multiple areas on social media or in stationery.

The Squarespace Advantage: Building a Functional and Aesthetic Therapst Website Design

Once we finalized the branding design and collateral items, our website designer, Madison jumped in for a VIP Website Full. Our VIP Website Full includes 5 pages of website design & development in one business day. Madison is a wizard at Squarespace which is why this website turned out so amazing!

For this website in particular, we chose Squarespace because Jessica had already started building a DIY website on Squarespace for her first ever website. Often when clients are first starting with website editing, we suggest Squarespace. It’s an easy platform to learn and can expand in practice for multiple years. Our client Nourishing NY has an amazing Squarespace website that performs greatly in SEO.

Designing Bloom Well’s Therapist Website Design

Right when you hop on Jessica’s website, you’ll notice the girly scallops on her menu bar. Because she primarily works with women with infertility, we wanted to pull in aspects of her brand that would bring more attraction to women.

Our process started with a beginning-of-day checkin to notify Jessica we’ve started her design and development. By noon, she received her full website with a Google Document for her to leave notes and comments for revisions. As we finalized her design, we took so much care in the detail of her website by including some movement, textures and fun floral icons throughout. As a therapist, it’s important to humanize your practice – this helps clients feel more comfortable in reaching out to you for help!

As always, we put user experience at the forefront of our design process. By end of day, we completed mobile, tablet and desktop optimization to ensure this website looks great in all areas. Finally, we finish with her SEO optimization that we researched from her SEO & Copywriting Guide we delivered during onboarding.

Impact Beyond Design: Bloom Well Therapy’s Continued Growth and Success

Post-project, we sent Jessica on her way to market her new brand and therapist website design to her audience knowing they would completely fall in love with it. Jessica was so kind to respond this via email:

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate yours and Madison’s help with this. I truly could not have done it without you! The website is more than I could have hoped for, including the branding. 

Ready for Your Therapist Website Design or Branding?

If you are a therapist currently in private practice, ready to make the jump from group therapy or have been in practice for years and need a refresh, we are a team of designers ready and equipped to help you!

Through our services, we can help transform your practice into something you are confident to market. Ways to work with us include:

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • VIP Days
  • Website Support

When you are ready, apply to work with us!