Functional Nutritionist Brand and Website, Amber Fischer Nutrition

Hip hip horray for another nutritionist branding and website launch!

Amber started the conversation with me about a new branding and website for her private practice when she felt lost behind a branding that felt nothing like herself AND looked just like the next nutritionist.

You know, like I always say, just because you are a dietitian, does not mean you have to have fruits and vegetables in your branding.

If you are a fitness trainer, you don’t have to have dumbbells in your logos.

If you are a designer, you don’t have to have a pencil and iPad in your branding.

Now that you understand, let’s dig into what Amber and I custom-created for her brand.

As always, we start in branding discovery. Here’s some things I asked:
What style do you strive to have? 

I like a modern look. All my logos in the past have had a bunch of script and Iike an avocado or a leaf and think I want to stay away from that too much. I really want this brand to scream elegant expertise with a little edge because I’m slightly edgy. I’m a scorpio lol!

What colors do you resonate with? 

Red and white are both favorite colors. I also really like muted colors and jewel tones like rust and emerald. I don’t like purple. I would love to incorporate red but prevent it from looking too harsh or masculine if that makes sense?

We then created this.

Moving onto her website, we wanted to create something that had a modern feel. We added black as a complementary color, and felt it tied the knot between modern and professional.

Her website features a Home, About, Contact, Services, Podcast, Outer Blog, Inner Blog and an external shop with a private internal shop as well.

Her external shop links to a third party platform and is available to anyone who visits her website.

However – this is where it gets fun.

Her internal shop is for clients only. It is password protected, so you can only access with the password! Once you are in, you’ll see all the supplements that Amber suggests to her clients. Add products to your cart and you are good to purchase right on her website!

Another cool thing on her website is a highlight of her podcast, An Amber A Day. You can view all of her episodes here.

Head on over to my Instagram to see more inside scoops of what her website looks like, or you can visit it live!

If you are a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and you are in need of a WordPress, Showit or Shopify website design, let’s chat and custom-create something that not only represents you, but your clients as well!