Get My ConvertKit Freebie

Today’s blogpost is gonna be juicy – if you’re reading this, you have the opportunity to get our latest freebie before anyone else!

We won’t be releasing this freebie until after our rebrand at the end of the year, but if you are here and reading this post, you are getting exclusive first-access to this amazing offer!

As part of the website design process around here, I always ask my clients to implement a freebie on their website – sometimes they already have one created, but other times we will brainstorm together to create something that serves their audience. This process is much easier if we designed your branding (because we go through brand strategy) – but if we didn’t do a branding, we can still make it happen!

Once our clients create their freebie, the next step is to implement it into an email marketing platform. Freebies are super strategic — we don’t give away free things for nothing! All freebies are created so that my clients (and even myself) can build an email list and further connect with the community who has developed with our businesses. 

Personally, CCS uses an email marketing platform called Flodesk. You can get 50% off using my affiliate link here! You might be wondering why our team uses Flodesk over other email marketing platforms (there are so many!) so I’ve explained it below.

We use Flodesk because when starting this business, I needed something that looked beautiful and was simple to work with. However, I have found some drawbacks with this platform compared to others (that’ll be for another day!) but needless to say, it functions for what we need right now! It is also a bit more on the expensive side in comparison to other platforms as well.

With my clients, a lot of them want to be able to segment their email list (i.e. separate people who sign up into different groups) and then use email sequences to target those specific segments. I’ve found that ConvertKit is an amazing email marketing platform for beginners that also has a decent template library. 

If you’re a dietitian, I’ll recommend ConvertKit because you probably have free meal plans you send weekly, or something similar. ConvertKit is amazing for this!

Another huge positive note about ConvertKit is that it has a FREE plan. Free? Yes, girl!

With that said, most of my clients don’t have an established email list yet, so the free option is great for them to get started establishing it, and maybe upgrading at a further date. 

Now, this blogpost isn’t me pitching certain email marketing platforms to you, it’s me informing you of what others in the entrepreneurial industry have found that works for them, and I want to share it with you

In our latest freebie, you’ll find the basics of ConvertKit outlined, and how you can market your own freebie to build your email list. A.lot of my clients often ask me “I have a freebie made, now what?” — this guide answers that question.

So, do you have a freebie? Are you confused at what to do next or how to begin capturing those email addresses to build your email list? If so, you’re in the right place, friend.

Grab our latest freebie at this link! You can also sign up to ConvertKit using my affiliate link here