Gut Health Dietitian Branding and Showit Website Design

Hey hi hello again! Today on the blog we have Tirzah’s gorgeous bright + colorful branding and website design that’s finally making an appearance.

We officially launched her business in August and it was one of our most fun projects ever! Rarely do I ever get to work with actual fun colors [not that neutrals aren’t fun ;)] but it was quite the difference than my normal.

Tirzah’s branding represented her outgoing personality; lots of playful script fonts, rounded sans serif text and curvature throughout.

As we moved onto the website, this is REALLY where things came together so beautifully. Tirzah was one of my best clients because she did a great job at directing her photographer to get on-brand photos. Her branding photography was SO SPOT ON it made designing the website easy as eating a slice of cake [and for me, that’s easy peasy!]. I decided to add in some textures, squiggly elements and arched text style to play more into the fun vibes that her brand gave off.

I also didn’t hold back on ANYTHING with these colors. Some may say they are too vibrant together, but we thought it was perfect.

Tirzah is a Gut Health Dietitian based in Cincinnati, Ohio and is ready to help you end the cycle of dieting and restriction. You can see her website live at!