How to Know When It’s Time to Rebrand

As some of you may know, CCS is undergoing a rebrand to enter the 2022 year. I’m sure there are a lot of questions as to why we are rebranding when we had a large revamp of everything at the beginning of 2021. I’ll sum it up into a few pointers to know on when it’s time to rebrand:

The biggest and foremost factor that says you need to rebrand is growth.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that as you grow, you need to rebrand, but if you grow and you feel as though your current brand identity doesn’t represent your business anymore – it’s probably time. This was definitely a key factor in CCS’ 2022 rebrand – we have grown into a team of three and I personally feel that my current branding only represents myself as opposed to my entire team.

A second factor to knowing when to rebrand is if your services and/or products have changed.

If you are beginning to offer new and different services and targeting a different audience than you may have previously been, this is an indicator to rebrand! You always want to make sure you are targeting the right people – branding helps with that!

The third factor is if your target audience has changed.

This goes off of the previous factor above, but it’s still a very important factor to consider separate from changing your service or offer. With CCS, we are not changing our target audience, so this wasn’t a factor for us. 

The last and obvious factor to rebrand is if you’ve changed your business name as a whole.

It’s completely normal to have a second guess in your business name and you want to change things completely. With CCS, this is not a factor for us. If you are someone who wants to change your business name, you’ll definitely need a completely new branding for your business. 

We are oh so excited to take you along the way with our current rebranding with a designer. And yes – we’ve actually hired out our branding because we wanted a better understanding of our business from an outside perspective. That will be another blogpost for another day — happy Wednesday!