How to Recharge After a Strong Q4

For so many creatives that I’ve spoken to, Q4 is absolutely insanity [but the good kind.] It’s full of wrapping up final projects for the year, onboarding new clients, internal upgrades, all the things. It’s basically the time of year to get all of your shiz together and regroup for a new year.

Today I wanted to go through 4 ways to recharge after a strong [and busy] Q4 but also chat about why it’s important to do so. As CEO’s of our own businesses, we have to be the HR rep that says to take time off for physical, mental and emotional health. It’s vital to running a successful business.

Tip 1: Block off a strict timeline to take zero client work.

“Boundaries” have been a workplace buzzword recently, for good reason. Setting strict timelines of when you will be taking no client work is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as a business owner. On top of that, communicating these timelines to your clients and not wavering on these boundaries is key. Set those out of office emails, communicate ahead of time, and trust that you need this time to recharge in order to show up in the best way you know how.

Tip 2: Step back and do things that only you love to do that isn’t work related.

For me, this looks like spending extra time with my family and friends and spending more time practicing self care. If you haven’t focused on self care in the past, challenge yourself to take a whole day devoted to you before the new year begins! Get your nails done, a massage, go for a walk and spend being present. It works wonders!

Tip 3: Start planning your business for the next year. **for me, planning is a stress reliever.

Take time to do some of the fun admin work in your business, like planning quarterly goals, new processes you’d like to implement, quarterly interns, etc. If these things stress you out – definitely do not tackle this in your time off. But, if these topics excite you and make you feel a bit more level-headed like me, it’s a great way to enter the new year with a clear vision of what you want to set out to do.

Tip 4: Gain client testimonials. Seeing positive results will get rid of those down in the dumps feelings after being busy!

What better way to step into the new year with a website refresh filled with client testimonials from over the past year? This is a great step to include in your off-boarding process with clients so you won’t have to reach back out weeks or even months later for a testimonial. Ask for it when your amazing work is top of mind for your client. Thank me later 😉