How to Start A Client-Facing Business in the Midst of Doubt

Building a business from the ground up is a trying, love-hate process. You love the build, and the results that come from it, but there are so many mountains to cross before getting to the big picture, the “this was so worth it!” moment. The biggest mountain of them all? Doubt. Doubt has been the most challenging mind-game for me to process in my own journey as a business owner as it is an internal vs. external debate. 

Here are my tips to pushing that doubt aside and finding power within:

  1. Giving yourself grace – not to be cliche, but Miley Cyrus once said, “the climb is hard, but the view is great” and I fully believe that. Recognize that building is hard but once you’re there, it’s bittersweet.
  2. Establish a brand that feels like “you” — hint hint: CCS is undergoing a rebrand for 2022. Wanna know why? We are a growing team, and I feel like our current brand doesn’t represent us as a team anymore! It represented me as a person – not me as a CEO. When you have a brand that feels like home, you’re more likely to put your heart into it.
  3. Listen to encouraging podcasts – CCS has a podcast that serves as empowerment and upbringing of entrepreneurs, just like you. Tune into Brand and Brew OR some of my personal favorites for encouragement:
    1. Cleerly Stated 
    2. Made for This by Jennie Allen
    3. First15
  4. Find your community – recognize that you can’t build a business without support, both emotionally AND mentally. Get on the ‘gram (follow us here) or other social media platforms to connect with like-minded people to bring you up!
  5. Write down your winning points/progress – nothing says accomplishment like actual proof! Write down both your smallest and biggest victories so you are able to see your goals being achieved. This gives a sense of hope and ability to DO and not just think. Which, funny enough, was my college’s motto: ThinkAndDo (Go Pack!)

Seasons of doubt will come and go for every business owner and entrepreneur – always be sure to utilize these tips and keep going! You can do this.