How to Step Into Your Six Figure Mindset

Okay, okay, okay – listen in. I STRUGGLE with mindset the more I grow my business. My business coach even reiterated that mindset is KEY to stepping into a six figure mindset. I mean, the more we want to grow, the more problems arise, right? We need to be able to face that!

Nothing in this post is going to tell you how to achieve six figures or that you are magically going to be able to tackle EVERYTHING life hands at you – this post essentially walks you through how I’ve strengthened my mindset over the past year in order to achieve financial goals that my family and I have set.

To start off, what do I mean by mindset?

To me, it means the mental state of confidence you have in yourself. Are you in a positive mindset where you feel confident, practice self-affirmations and are able to receive feedback that you can take and apply for improvements? OR on the flipside, are you in a more negative mindset, where you might not feel so confident, you take criticism really hard, and you find it hard to see the positive outcomes near.

Both of the above are mindsets that you WILL face as an entrepreneur – It may come in seasons for you, but I’m one to say that I have experienced both and have learned ways to navigate out of a negative mindset and into a more positive one that is healthy for me!

Mindset work takes a lot of focus.

If you are like me, you hate showing emotions publicly. I’m a soft-hearted person, but would prefer to be that way in private versus being vulnerable to the world. I know that, because, I’ve taken some time to really get to know myself internally which brings me into the first point.

Take some time to really get to know yourself.

My step one into mindset work is being able to identify your weaknesses. What behaviors can trigger you or make you upset? It’s great to do this personally, but it’s also great to figure this out in terms of your business. For me, I know that I take criticism to heart when it comes to work – let’s say that one of my clients really disliked their design that we completed; of course they had to tell me they disliked it because we are completing their brand. However, in my head, all I can think about is how they might dislike me and my business now for not hitting expectations the first time around. In order for me to step into the six figure mindset and avoid this negativity, I now provide ways that my clients can give me feedback that A) is healthy for me and B) is way more productive in making a branding that is a perfect representation of your business! Of course, this is just my example, but feel free to navigate through things you struggle with and how you can apply it into your business.

Be authentic within your business.

The key to stepping into the “six figure mindset” or *insert whatever financial goal mindset you have for yourself* is being true to yourself which in turn, will make your business a true representation of the individual you are. Authenticity is really important for me and with that said, I *hope* that everything I do and say on my business social media or interactions can reflect the type of person I am within. This was essential to me when stepping into six figures to know that I’ve got here (in whatever financial goal you have) by being truly 100% me. Not my competitor, not my best friend. Me.

As I navigate more around mindset, I will continue to update this post in hopes that if you are struggling with negative mindset around growing your business, you find encouragement here at CCS. We are here to support you and walk alongside your business journey. If you are in need of a mentorship session, I offer hour long sessions to entrepreneurs who may need that extra chat with someone who is also in their position. You can setup a call with me here and we can go into some mindset work personally!