How to Tap Into The Deeper Meaning of Your Brand

Hello friends – Chloe, here! Something that I’ve been really wanting to dive-deeper into is the meaning behind our brand here at Chloe Creative. This week on our Instagram, I expressed on stories that Chloe Creative will soon be transitioning into a different business model where we’ll be focusing more on education, client case studies and portfolio pieces. Because of this, we’re having to reevaluate the meaning behind our brand, the purpose of this business, who we are serving and where we want to be in the future. It’s truly an exciting time!

I couldn’t help but share some things (questions and exercises) we are going through to ensure our brand has so much deep-meaning connected to it. So,

How do you tap into the deeper meaning of your brand?

Think about the reason “why” you started your business.

As entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers – we obviously had a reasoning to why we wanted to pursue this career path in the first place. Did you create your business for financial freedom? To give your spouse more time with the kids? Do have better time management? What about the fact you hated not being the manager dictating what you do in a day’s time?

Whichever of the above resonates with you, think about it, but think about it in its deepest effect. If you created your business for financial freedom, what sort of “vision” do you have for your business in 3+ years? What does your financial life look like? Are you driving a sports car or are you saving it all for retirement?

Like we find with a lot of our clients, this question also brings up your values in life. It’s just an easier way to ask you 😉

This brings up point number two.

Where do you see your business going in the future? One year? Two years?

Most entrepreneurs have some kind of visionary trait within their personality. Entrepreneurs are able to see the “bigger picture” before getting discouraged about the journey getting there. It really takes a special type of person to pursue your own career path!

Aside the point, because we are part visionary, when we started our businesses we obviously had an end goal in mind. Do you want to manage multiple people or would you rather stay a solopreneur? Either is totally okay and doable – it’s just important to outline this goal mindset before you begin your business.

In turn, this helps you to understand the deeper meaning behind your brand because this question might uncover things you want to change about your industry, your gender, your family – whatever. Goals inspire results – which inspires change.

Let’s move onto point three.

What do you value in life? What do you value in business? How are they similar?

Question one uncovers values within your business, but this question is important to open up about your life values and how they coincide with your business values. Oftentimes, they are one-in-the-same.

Values essentially become the root-reason for any action we take, any client we say “yes” to, or anything that happens in our business to drive income. If something is against both your personal and business values, you’re likely to not do that something and change direction.

I personally think it’s important to have these values written somewhere either internally in a brand guidelines document or externally on your website where people can see. Either way, have them in a place you can refer to them often.

As your business grows, your values may or may not be challenged. If they are challenged, refer back to your values and regain insight on the things that are important and are authentic to you.

In a world full of social media that can only show the “good” in our everydays, authenticity is so important to uncovering deep meaning behind your brand.

How and why will people be connected to your brand?

This is a question that can uncover symptoms of imposter syndrome. If you’re like me, sometimes (at different times/parts of every year) you face the question of “why?”.

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Who cares if I post about this?
  • Am I even attracting the right people?
  • Does my ideal audience value what I say?

These are questions of imposter syndrome at its finest. However, to uncover the deeper meaning of your brand, you need to have positive, affirming answers to these questions.

Think about the problems that your ideal audience is faced with. How do you fit in the picture in order to solve that problem? THAT is why people care about your business.

How are you positioning yourself as a professional? Do you share loads of valuable content? If so, this answers if your ideal audience values what you have to say – the short answer is yes. Your words and your tips/tricks are valuable to lots of people.

Finding your brands deeper meaning is what can take your business into the next level. There are so many individuals out there that have a pre-disposed thought on professional branding – they think it’s just about pretty designs & cohesiveness on an Instagram feed.

However, if your brand is driven by values, thoughts, affirmations, ideal audiences, strategy – your brand can drive your business into a new level of success.

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