Owner of Chloe Creative Studio

How to Uncover Your Brand Purpose

Happy Tuesday, friends! We are back and better with a new blog post today – all about uncovering your brand purpose. If you are thinking of starting your own business, or even if you’re a well-seasoned entrepreneur, I hope you find this helpful and even refreshing. It’s always important for me to go back to the bare bones of why I started Chloe Creative Studio.

The most essential tip I can give you is to uncover the “why” behind your brand. There must be a purpose behind every decision you make, from start to finish. All of the nitty gritty details of having your own business come together when you are able to outline and answer that “why,” so if you don’t have a solid answer to this, I highly encourage you to sit down and look at your big picture – why am I doing this? Sometimes your “why” changes and evolves as you and your business grow and expand, so don’t be scared to reevaluate when necessary. Maybe some days, weeks, or even months will carry a different “why” than the one you initially started with – and that’s okay. As we’ve all learned over the past year and a half, unprecedented times can vastly change your business in a matter of days. So remember – you are in control, and you can make changes as needed. 

When it comes to defining your “why,” if you are stuck or don’t necessarily have a rock solid answer to this question, here are some tips. 

  • Think about why you want to establish your business to begin with. It could be for more financial freedom, more time at home with the kids, etc.
  • Ask yourself what excites you most about having your own business; is it getting to help others achieve a certain goal? Is it having authority (aka being a boss, rather than an employee?)
  • What makes you continue on in business when times get hard? As a business owner, you will have “off” seasons, and you have to be prepared for and comfortable with them. How will you continue forward in those times?
  • What do people come to you for help with? This is key; even if it’s not what you actually do for work, it’s great to know if someone is coming to you for mentorship, advice, creativity, etc. 
  • Take personality quizzes – this can help you uncover personality traits you might not know about yourself. Some examples of tests I like to take (and also had Amy and Izzy take as well!) are Enneagram, Crystallizer, Myers Briggs, etc. 

Like I said, sometimes I reevaluate these questions every so often. My “why” when I started out was different from my “why” today, and I suspect that my “why” next year will look slightly different, too. Don’t be scared to evolve – the rest will follow. You got this!