Live Real Fit, Fitness and Nutrition Coach Brand and WordPress Website

Heyooo friends! This week we launched Live Real Fit’s website on WordPress and there’s one thing I want to say:

If you are a women who is discouraged by the fitness world, you want to see this website. Allison herself and her brand as a whole says so much about women empowerment. Her brand photos make even me want to go lift some heavy weights – ha!

Let’s start from the beginning: Allison came to me with a WordPress website she felt didn’t align with her business, it was a bit outdated and she just wanted something new. As we dove into this more, I found out she had a separate website for her Shop, to which I asked her why this existed! WordPress has so many great options to have shops in house.

When we took a deep dive into her brand discovery, we really found out who the true Allison was: passionate, bubbly, refined, detail-oriented. I did really enjoy how open Allison was in her questionnaire about her personal struggle with self-doubt – this is something all women in business deal with and I’m glad she shared that with me; it was very encouraging!

When we took a look at her values, the following came up that we loved to read:

  • Simplicity. There’s enough about life that’s complicated. Your fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be one of those things. I take the overwhelm and complexity out of your training program and nutrition to create sustainable solutions for you to follow and adapt during different phases of life.
  • Connection. Creating a true connection with my clients is one of the most important things to me. I care about much more than your health and wellness goals—I’m here to truly listen to anything that comes up for you during our time together, and to be the support system you’re looking for as someone you can trust, with your best interest always at heart.
  • Inclusivity. You are welcome here. No matter your age, size, race, and past, I will do everything I can to make you feel safe and supported in your health and wellness journey.
  • Education. I’ll give you a deeper understanding of movement and nutrition so you can better understand how they support you in working toward your goals. You’ll walk away feeling comfortable navigating these pieces on your own for the long haul.
  • Fitness can (and should be) be fun! Part of living a sustainable healthy lifestyle is to make it fun! It is possible to be focused on your goals while still having fun along the way—and I’ll do my best to ensure this is incorporated into your health & fitness journey.

These few values were main drivers into developing her brand, which we REALLY were in love with.

This brand feels refined, strong, modern yet has such a warmth and inclusivity with the curvature incorporated in both her icon and in the “V” and “A” in her primary logo. Let’s dive more into that icon meaning!

Every brand that we develop has an interior meaning that goes way beyond the surface level of just “looking pretty”. Although the above concept is one that the client decided against, we incorporated this same meaning into her new icon which is detailed in the pattern image at the top!

Let’s move into her WordPress website design!

Because she was already on the WordPress platform, I was able to work with all the blogposts she already had which was a huge plus. However, lots of internal updating had to be done prior to beginning on her website.

Her website features a home, about, services, shop and contact page! All copywriting was completed by Haley Slade which was SO amazing!

You can view her live website here:

Allison is also a client who opted to join my Next Level Now program – with that, we are currently implementing Dubsado throughout her business to better automate and streamline some of those repetitive tasks she completed on a daily basis. Her contact page features a Dubsado form that is soon to be automated into a workflow for her services! Awesome, right?!

Hope you loved reading a little more about this project – we loved developing it!