Manifestation Coach Branding and Website, Manifest with Alexis

Alexis, a manifestation coach, was a very fun client to work with! Her personality easily can lighten your mood and she has a very motivational backstory to the creation of her business, Manifest with Alexis. 

We began her process with a client discovery questionnaire where she immediately knew she wanted pastels, pinks and neutrals. When we first presented her with pastels, she actually found out that this wasn’t the direction she wanted to go in (which is usually normal.) In branding projects, sometimes seeing something in “live” form, will allow you to develop different ideas than you originally thought.

After moving forward, we decided to incorporate more bold and contrasted colors that came off as sassy — enter hot pink, light pink, purple and dark black with a classic white!

As we moved onto her website design via Showit, she definitely wanted to incorporate kissy faces, as she felt this went along with her brand so well! We decided to create a subtle kissy face pattern that gave the website a fun mood with it!

At the time of her launch, Alexis also introduced her newest program, Badass Blogger Academy where she group-coaches women who are striving to become a blogger, have the freedom to work wherever AND make money while doing it. 

To see her live site, you can view it at 

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