Minnesota Based Kids Nutritionist, Wordpress Website Design

Minnesota Kids Nutritionist Branding and WordPress Website Design

I always have loved working with each and every one of my clients. However, Suzi was a great representation of how this business really allows me to make amazing connections and friendships. I absolutely loved working with Suzi for the branding and website design of her private practice, The Parenting Dietitian.

As her name implies, Suzi focuses in working with children and parents of children who are interested in learning about nutrition for their kids. She likes to get down into the details of how nutrition is correlated to a child’s development and growth, so correct nourishment is key!

To dive into her branding, we sent an in-depth questionnaire that details their ideal audience, personal color preferences and any other details we need to get started on the branding. Here’s what we learned:

  • Suzi wants her ideal client to feel empowered and confident to nourish their children
  • Her ideal client needs education/direction on where to go for nutritional advice
  • Loves neutrals
  • Clean/simplicity
  • Feminine-professional

After taking this into consideration and discussing the needs of her ideal client, we created a branding with a serif font combined with a script to incorporate the feminine-professional vibe she was going for.

We ended up creating a custom orange slice icon that was organically drawn to attract children and the fun-ness they bring to the conversation. Combined with grey and pink neutrals made for an soft, calm and fun website!

This is a fully custom WordPress website made via Elementor. We also completed copywriting for her website which features an FAQs page, home page, about page, services page and blog!

We loved working alongside Suzi to create a brand and website that not only attracts her ideal client but also serves its purpose as a nutritionist’ branding and website design.

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"I couldn't have pictured anything close to what you all created. From the branding to the website design, everything was spot on and truly more than I could have asked for! I think it is down to earth, positive, and welcoming - which is consistent with my authentic self."

- carolne green

" I wanted an expert as well as fresh set of eyes for my new business. Chloe is perfect because while she is not a dietitian, she has taken the time to research, understand and appreciate the profession and she can also see through the lens of a potential client...I think that is such a perfect mix for branding."


"Chloe made our company, mission and goals her "baby." She was just as invested in the success and cohesion of our website as we were. It was like we had a new member of our team while we worked with her."


"In one word: EASY. I didn't ever have to worry, micromanage or push for anything to get done. Chloe completely put my mind at ease and I never once questioned if she was the right person for the job."


"I loved how I didn't have to think twice about asks I had or comments I made. Chloe is very action oriented and its always looking to help you find a solution until you are satisfied!"


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