Dr. Kayla Borchers, Neutral Physical Therapist Website

Friends, we are back today to review one of our latest client launches. Dr. Kayla Borchers reached out to us in need of a professional rebrand and new physical therapist website. After some investigation via discovery call, we learned that she had the foundational pieces in her website, just not executed as best as they could be. In this blogpost, come along with us to read more about her project, our process and the final product of working with Chloe Creative.

Meet Our Client, Dr. Kayla Borchers

As always, we want to be openly transparent with you guys about our process and what it looks like to work with our studio. All blogposts in our portfolio detail exactly each step of our client process and what it might look like for you! Today, we’re taking you through a project for Dr. Kayla Borchers. Kayla is a holistic physical therapist out of Ohio. We’ll be exploring Kayla’s inspiration for her rebrand, our process of reviewing concepts and crafting the perfect illustrations and finally, the WordPress website design.

When Kayla reached out via our application form, we were completely excited. Since 2018, we have been exclusively serving private practice clinicians. This means, we often turn down client projects that don’t align with these niche in order to specialize our services to the needs of this specific audience. We have extensive experience working with all kinds of business owners including boutiques, artists, handmade quilters, photographers and many others. Dr. Kayla was one of our very first holistic physical therapists.

Being a physical therapist, Dr. Kayla works with primarily women in prenatal, postnatal or 1:1 general PT care. What we loved about her existing website was how clear each of her offerings were. She completely caters to her ideal client and meets them where they are in their journey as a woman.

Dr. Kayla Borchers, WordPress Physical Therapist Website Design

Dr. Kayla Borchers is a holistic physical therapist in Columbus, Ohio (although moving soon!). As a physical therapist, she centralizes her practice around supporting women in all phases of life. Particularly, she has a few signature programs to help throughout preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

As a currently pregnant mama myself, I especially found learning from Dr. Kayla was so beneficial. Not only are her signature programs up for grabs if you’d like to purchase in a watch and learn format, she also provides 1:1 services of all kinds. This includes prenatal PT, postpartum PT, orthopedic PT or general holistic wellness coaching.

With this in mind, Dr. Kayla approaches us in confidence of her offer suite and knowing who she is targeting. Instead, she struggled with the branding each of her programs, having an increased brand awareness to become a go-to in her field, and having a powerful UX within her website. On our initial call, we audited her existing website and found it wasn’t bringing in much organic traffic via SEO and felt a little clunky to navigate as a user. But to no worry, we came in and solved each of these issues!

Project Objectives for Successful Physical Therapist Website Design

The main objectives when working with Dr. Kayla was:

To begin, we onboarded her as an official client and began diving into her intake questionnaire. Let’s review below.

Neutral Branding for Physical Therapist Website Design

Research and Discovery

You can read more about what we dive into via our intake questionnaire, but we of course review brand values, vision and target market. These are the most important factors that go into consideration as we rebrand her business effectively. Make note: I said effectively – brands can 100% be created based off of beauty and preference alone, but our studio rebrands based on research.

Some of the brand values Dr. Kayla expressed in her form were: catholic faith, family first mentality, trustworthiness, adventure. We are able to bring these values into her branding with color psychology, typography selection, etc.

Brand Identity Development for Ohio Physical Therapist

During the first concept presentation, we nailed most of her brand identity. Some of the important tweaks we made were to the main typography, removing a color in color palette, and getting more organic in our illustrations for her programs.

In the final round, we decided to take the primary font all lowercase to enhance the “dainty-ness” of the business itself. Being a mom is a delicate thing – and we wanted her ideal client to feel taken care of while navigating her website or interacting with the branding.

The branding for Dr. Kayla Borchers is very refined and organic which parallels her holistic approach. The most beautiful part of her branding is the type pairing with illustrations. As we go throughout her website, you’ll see this font combination with her email opt-ins and other items. To create some similarity between her old brand and new brand, we focused on the deep forest green color as her main identifier in branding.

Brand Messaging

The brand messaging piece is always something that can get confusing for clients. However, we try to simplify and make connections in as easy ways as possible.

While we present your first concepts, you will receive a strategy video from one of our designers on our team. In this strategy video, we are making connections visually to the branding and how it parallels with your audience. For Dr. Kayla, her tagline, “holistic physical therapy & wellness“, immediately captures the attention of her client by being straight forward with what they are getting from Dr. Kayla.

Other taglines we crafted for Dr. Kayla was “optimize wellness for motherhood” to better connect to mothers who are in preconception, pregnancy or postpartum. In either stage, Dr. Kayla provides holistic help.

WordPress Physical Therapist Website

Planning and Strategy

We tend to cover our planning & strategy phase during our intake questionnaire. This becomes apparent when we ask our clients about specific websites they like and dislike and ask for reasons why. By Dr. Kayla’s answers, we knew she wanted a website that was simple to the eye but was open to fun elements (like movement) to capture some interest.

During the research phase, we found inspiration from the organic textures crafted through her branding. We decided to put this at the forefront of her website – to include these as much as possible. As you’ll see throughout her website, textures are often used as section backgrounds.

From an SEO strategy standpoint, we did recommend Dr. Kayla to change some of her copywriting to optimize for “holistic physical therapy” or “physical therapy and wellness” along with other keywords we found her ideal client might be searching.

Design and Development For Dr. Kayla’s Physical Therapist Website

We actually only went through 2 rounds of revisions for Dr. Kayla’s homepage. In our first presentation, we found that Dr. Kayla wanted more emphasize on typography variation and button clicks.

Based on her revisions and the branding created, we use her primary font quite a bit throughout the website. With the pairing of the italics version of this font, it creates for a very sleek, clean and modern variation. We were obsessed!

With this website being on WordPress, we knew we could do some fun transitional animations (like sticky photos on scroll) which makes this simple website a bit more unexpected.

SEO and Performance Optimization for Physical Therapist Website

From an SEO strategy standpoint, we did recommend Dr. Kayla to change some of her copywriting to optimize for “holistic physical therapy” or “physical therapy and wellness” along with other keywords we found her ideal client might be searching.

We found that there were some keywords that Dr. Kayla was using on her previous website that actually wasn’t being searched. This is a very common practice we find – which is why we highly recommend our Confused to Confident SEO Guide which details our SEO tool and process to find keywords for you.

Successful Launch for Dr. Kayla Borchers

Once we get the “yes, it’s approved!” message from our client, we enter pre-launch preparation. This is a combination of many things, but it starts off with device optimization. To ensure a website properly ranks via Google Search, it’s vital that it performs on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. At this stage, we are prepping the website for launch.

Next, we dive into SEO optimization. Now that the website is wrapped up and approved, we can finalize the SEO keywords and copywriting for each page. We like to use All in One SEO because of it’s ease of use in ranking your pages or blogposts.

Lastly, we will coordinate with the client to ask when they would like to launch the website. As much as it is our job to launch the website, we want this to be a day of celebration for you and your audience. Sometimes, clients choose to do a giveaway or another special sale for the launch of their new materials. Once we coordinate, it’s go time!

Visit Our Portfolio for More Physical Therapist Website Designs

We have so many amazing clients whom we get to serve on a daily basis. Just last week, I had a kickoff call with one of our doula clients. She said we have the coolest job to be getting inspirations from Pinterest Boards and designing things based off of that. She couldn’t have said it better 🙂

Our portfolio is a place where potential clients can review our work to see if we are the right fit for you. On the other hand, it gives our clients the opportunity to begin growing backlinks (because we link to your website!). We truly care about your SEO and website performance!

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