Next Level Now Cohort 1 Results

EEEP!!!! Cohort 1 of Next Level Now, my 1:1 and group-coaching combination program has officially come to an end and I wanted to dedicate an entire blogpost to the founding participants, what we covered and things they all accomplished. I am seriously SO proud of them and cannot wait to cheer them on even more.

You can join the waitlist for Cohort 2 at this link!!!! I only take 5 students per cohort and may-or-may-not be changing things around this time. Questions? I’m here to answer!

Who is Next Level Now for?

If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my stories, I’ve talked about how I invested into a business coach in March 2021 – almost RIGHT after I quit my job. This has been one of THE BEST investments I’ve made into my business thus far because of the accountability, idea-bouncing and support that it has provided me.

From there, I really began to love how my business coach coaches multiple types of entrepreneurs – motivational speakers, brand/web designers, book writers, and more. I too, wanted to share my knowledge with other business owners (not just designers) because I felt I had a lot to give.

Fast forward, Next Level Now launched to all types of entrepreneurs! In Cohort 1, we had a brand designer, two branding and website designers, a registered dietitian and a fitness coach. Two of the members actually had full-time jobs aside from their business.

I encourage you – if you are thinking about joining for next round, look at the results from Cohort 1. It’s CRAZY!

What is the [current] structure of Next Level Now?

I wanted to emphasize *current* because I very well may be changing the entire spectrum of Next Level Now based on feedback that Cohort 1 participants have given me. However, I’m going to talk through the structure that Cohort 1 had:

12 Weeks Total:

  • 3 weeks out of the month we had one on one calls–
    • Every week on Thursdays each participant would have a 45 minute zoom call with a pre-disposed topic in mind. Oftentimes we would sway from topics dependent on what the participant needed, but I always wanted to have a “templated” topic in mind. These calls were only completed in the first 3 weeks of a month.
  • 1 week out of the month we had a group call–
    • This would likely be on the 4th week of the month. This was an hour long Zoom meeting with all participants where we discussed a topic based on a common theme I noticed on all individual one on one calls. This was an opportunity for the participants to ask questions or have a community alongside them!
  • Slack communication–
    • I encouraged all participants to download Slack as the primary way of communication. I get loads of emails per day and didn’t want to miss anything from them!
  • Follow up emails after each one on one call–
    • Every participant got a customized follow-up email after each one on one which summarized my notes during our call with homework and/or action steps to take before the next session!

What were the results?

I don’t want to name names or single any participant out, but I’ll make a list of accomplishments that went down during the 12 weeks of working together:

  • Planned, recorded and launched an evergreen course
  • Mapped out details for a VIP service offering that has never been done before
  • Implemented a new customer management system (5x)
  • Gained knowledge of onboarding/offboarding processes
  • Encouraged to launch a new website
  • Created strict deadlines to prioritize their business
  • Picked a niche
  • Started using a new project management tool to feel more organized
  • Began timeblocking to help manage numerous tasks and optimize time better
  • Had mindset breakthroughs
  • Implemented coping tools for imposter syndrome
  • Mapped out entire customer journey from IG to website to email
  • Learned about brand voice and how to implement best practices into copywriting
  • Increased pricing of services
  • Hired on new team members

How insane are they?!

If you are curious about joining – get on the list! It’s not a solidified “yes” now, it’s just saying you are interested! Let me know if you have questions via Instagram or email at [email protected].