North Carolina Boutique Branding and Shopify Website Design

Have you ever dreamed of a whimsical boutique where everyone is included AND there’s a poodle involved?

Meet The Purple Poodle, a whimsical boutique dedicated to inclusivity. When you see the business name “The Purple Poodle” you instantly think of a purple poodle, right? Well, we made that happen in their branding.

We knew we wanted to create an entirely custom poodle that no one else could replicate; however, owner Nicole said she didn’t just want a poodle – she wanted a poodle that was purple AND that knew it was better than anyone else.

The main icon in their branding was a poodle whom felt it was more fancy than any other poodles – we portrayed this through the way its nose is pointing up with a slight arched back. We loved it and so did a lot of our friends over on Instagram!

The Purple Poodle owner came to us wanting an online home – they were dealing with lots of orders in their storefront and wanted a way for their customers to shop from the comfort of their home. As a designer, I immediately recommended Shopify as it’s the number one platform for e-commerce businesses.

Because Purple Poodle is not just a clothing boutique [they actually have fun items for all ages!], we had to organize all of their products based on product-type.

We created collections for plus size, shoes, pants, accessories, graphic tees and more. Now, they have a fully functional website that houses all products they obtain AND it allows for late-night shopping that I tend to always do (jk my late night version is 9PM!).

This project of course was a very fun one to complete as Sanford is my hometown – I love giving back to the community in ways of branding or website design. If you are a local business or someone completely far away, book a call with me! We love to work with all business types that are a great fit for us here at Chloe Creative.