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Portfolio posts are something that y’all love to read about, so let’s dive into the case study for NUWLi – Chelsea is an North Carolina dietitian who owns an online private practice.

Chelsea first reached out to CCS wanting the entire rebrand – a fully custom branding for her private practice, with a new, high-functioning website. We were so excited to partner with Chelsea to give her practice the face and operations it needed! Let’s dive into her case study:

Q: What are the values of NUWLi?

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Connection
  • Freedom
  • Family
  • Wellness

Q: What’s the meaning behind the business name, NUWLi?

“NUWLi stands for Nutrition, Wellness, Lifestyle. I wanted to include the words “nutrition” and “wellness” because although I am a dietitian, I am a firm believer that overall health involves much more than just nutrition. I work with my clients on overall balance with their health, not just with their nutrition. We focus on all layers of health including things like sleep, mental health, stress, emotions, physical health, etc. I wanted to include the word “lifestyle” because I believe it is so important to work on your health goals in a realistic way that fits with your lifestyle.”

North Carolina Dietitian mission statement:

“To help people create a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing food and fun. My goal is to support individuals through their wellness journey, giving them the confidence and real skills they need to reach their health goals. I succeed in this by using an individualized science-based approach to wellness that involves creating fun with nutrition and wellness, leading to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.”

Target audience:

Female, late 20s-early 40s with income around $80,000 per year. They love being social, exploring the world and being active. They currently struggle with balancing their life–they are very busy with their full-time job, being a mom or traveling so their biggest challenge is finding the time to focus on their health.

Here’s a peek into the custom branding we provided for this North Carolina dietitian:


Chelsea actually chose to upgrade her branding to one of our personal favorite add-ons of a marketing strategy to pair with her branding. What does this mean, exactly?

Branding isn’t just about the beautiful logos and designs we create– there is always hidden meaning and reasoning behind why we create the things we do. We currently offer a marketing strategy add-on for those who really want the in-depth dive into their ideal audience. Here’s Chelsea’s sample.

If you’re interested in chatting about your brand, apply for a discovery call and we’ll be in touch if we’re a great fit to move forward 🙂

Let’s move forward to chat about Chelsea’s fully-custom Showit website for her online private practice.

Chelsea’s website was previously on Squarespace– after some discussion, we had suggested that she move to the Showit platform that is much more easier to design on, allows for higher customization AND has WordPress for blogging. We have tons of clients who have worked on Showit – take a look here!

Personally, my favorite aspect of any dietitian website design is the Recipe Index – although this part is not required on a dietitian’s website design, I highly recommend it! Why? That’ll be for another blogpost 😉

What did Chelsea have to say after working with Chloe Creative?

Can you share why you chose Chloe Creative for this investment?
The best in the industry! But for real…I contacted a few other web designers and just didn’t feel they could provide what I was looking for. Chloe is absolutely wonderful at what she does and is absolutely amazing with communication. She always got back to me right away whenever I reached out and I really appreciate her for that. I would highly recommend Chloe to anyone looking to take their brand and website to the next level!

How are you feeling about your business now that you’ve invested into a branding and website design?
I feel much more confident in my brand! I am now looking forward to taking my brand and business to the next level! My website has been launched for only a week and I already have been able to close multiple new clients. I can’t wait to be able to show up more on social media and continue to expand in the direction I want to go. Thank you for all you do!

Are you a North Carolina dietitian needing custom design services?

Here at Chloe Creative, we want to say a huge thank you to Chelsea for being a wonderful client of ours. 🙂 Please visit her website to see the beautiful design, but also the YUMMY recipes I tend to always make at home!

You can also check out our other North Carolina dietitian brands like Redemptive Health.

If you are wanting a project similar to Chelsea’s, please take a peek at our Services and reach out for a discovery call so we can get a custom proposal sent over to you!