Online Nutritionist: Dietitian DeAngelis

In the world of being an online nutritionist, you probably know we’re the design studio that you should hire. Not because there aren’t other amazing studios out there (there are MANY) – but because we specialize in working with these types of businesses.

In today’s post, we’re chatting about our recent client Chelsea. Chelsea is an online nutritionist who owns her private practice, Dietitian DeAngelis. We’ll be talking more about her rebranding process and the new WordPress website we completed for her in just one business day.

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Online Nutritionist: Dietitian DeAngelis

At this point in business, we’ve worked with over 100 online nutritionist alone. When Chelsea inquired to work with us, we were so excited not only because her project seemed great, but because we knew we could help her with what she wanted to achieve.

Meet Chelsea, Founder of Dietitian DeAngelis

Background of Chelsea DeAngelis

Chelsea established her private practice in 2020 searching to help women just like her. Her practice reached a point where she identified a key need (meal planning) and she was ready to solve their problems.

The ideal client of Dietitian DeAngelis is women from young adulthood to upper middle age (20-65ish) with middle—to upper-middle-class incomes. They live in PA and are college-educated. They are currently struggling with understanding how to solve and live with their female-related health concerns such as PCOS, fertility, pregnancy or menopause.

Dietitian DeAngelis:

To meet her clients where they are, Chelsea offers the following services:

  • Nutrition Counseling
    • You can book her for a free initial consultation, follow ups or supplemental reviewal sessions
  • The PCOS Nutrition Program
    • This program is a comprehensive, self-paced course designed for women with PCOS looking for the most natural and effective approach to managing their PCOS. You will learn exactly what steps you need to take to mitigate PCOS symptoms, manage weight, regulate your cycle, improve fertility, and truly feel your best.
  • Coming Soon: Meal planning

The unique approach of this online nutritionist practice is the fact that she IS her ideal client and knows exactly how to treat the symptoms of what her clients are dealing with. She chose to structure her offer suite to meet her clients where they are – at home with busy littles – so the course is perfect for those with less time.

Reaching Out for an Online Nutritionist Rebrand

Chelsea reached out to us via our online inquiry form on our website. Through this form, we were able to gauge her budget, the types of services she was desiring and more about her project in general. From there, we hopped on a discovery call to learn more about why this rebrand was necessary.

Reason for Rebranding:

Chelsea was ready to rebrand Dietitian DeAngelis after identifying that her ideal client would really value the service of meal planning. As she was developing out her service suite, she found that she lacked the logos, colors and brand consistency required to craft materials around these offerings.

Instead of back tracking (by having no logos and creating these beforehand), she decided to invest up front which will save her lots of money in the longrun.

At our studio, we aim to reach all types of budgets and investment points. That said, we recommended her to book our branding with VIP Website Full service.

Objectives of this online nutritionist project:

As it is with lots of our dietitian clients, this project had similar objectives to many others in the industry:

  • Craft a consistent branding to better convey professionalism to her ideal client
  • Reach a wider audience with an online presence
  • Establish a website that can be built upon for expansion (courses, memberships, etc)

The Rebranding Process with Chloe Creative

With the rebranding and VIP Website Full package, we always start with the branding portion first. Branding sets the tone of the website, so we dove into that!

From Chelsea’s intake questionnaire, we understood that her ideal client was a middle aged woman who might be struggling with female-related symptoms. With that in mind, we considered items they may be drawn to:

  • Florals
  • Feminine color palette
  • Clean typography

In the initial brand presentation, we sent over a palette that was neutral with a tad of femininity with a terracotta and light blue color combination. In this scenario, we didn’t want to overly feminize the brand to come off too strong to her ideal client.

online nutritionist first brand concepts

After two rounds of revisions, we landed on a palette that leaned more into pinks than blues and greens. We also developed out a more detailed floral instead of a tulip we originally sent over.

online nutritionist final brand concepts

Brand Voice and Messaging:

With this newly developed brand, her brand voice and messaging now incorporated more feminism into the overall direction of Dietitian DeAngelis. Through our copywriting guide, she was able to uncover their struggles and how her services can help achieve their goal of managing their symptoms.

The incorporation of creams, yellow and blue, if she ever needed to incorporate males into her client roster, she would be able to do so.

Online Nutritionist WordPress Website Design

As per our discussion in our discovery call, our VIP Website Full was a great option for Chelsea because this would one of the first websites for her practice. She only needed 5 pages to convey her message and with the timeline, we could get this done in one business day.

Planning & Prep for One Day Website

Before beginning her one day WordPress website design, we require brand photography to be set in stone, and our copywriting guide to be completed.

Our copywriting guide gives a self-help introduction to SEO and sections for copywriting for each page we’ll be creating.

Some overall goals for this website were:

  • Increasing awareness with a visual presence
  • Clear user experience
  • Organized offerings to cater to clients needs
  • Easy way to book a call with Cheslea

It’s key to have a clear vision and website content prior to beginning any sort of website to avoid multiple rounds of revisions later on. With our one day website, we are working in an 8 hour period, so having minimal website feedback is key!

Design and Development:

When designing a WordPress website, we always use Elementor on the Hello Elementor theme. This theme is fast and allows us to work on a blank slate.

With WordPress websites, we don’t use any templates or hard-to-edit code. We want your website to be easily maintained by yourself post-project.

Content Integration:

One of Chelsea’s goals were to implement easy ways to book a call with her. To do so, we embedded a website widget from Practice Better on her services pages to directly reach out to those wanting to schedule a call. Going forward, she can be with her kiddo and have a discovery call scheduled!

The Results of an Online Nutritionist Rebrand

At the end of business day, Chelsea left with a 5 page website that can easily be added onto in the near future. We knew she wanted to add a meal planning function to her website which we plan to do with Memberpress.

Summary of Dietitian DeAngelis Project with Chloe Creative

By undergoing a rebrand and VIP Website Full, Chloe Creative was able to help Chelsea reach all of her goals established during our discovery call.

In just 2 weeks, Chelsea had a fully developed brand suite that speaks to her ideal client and a website that can attract them when she’s not even working.

With these tools implemented, she’ll be able to:

  • Speak to her ideal client off the clock
  • Receive ideal client inquiries via SEO
  • Book discovery calls while sleeping

Visit the Dietitian DeAngelis Website Now!

To visit the Dietitian DeAngelis website, navigate to it HERE.

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