Play to Learn, New York Speech Pathologist Website

Although dietitians tend to be our sole specialty around here, any individual in the private practice clinician space are apart of our bread-and-butter community. Polina, owner of Play to Learn, has foundations [and certifications] in trauma and ADHD specifically with children and is a New York Speech Pathologist. She came to us with a brand and website pieced together, but not quite fully encompassing all of the knowledge she brings to her clients.

While certified in trauma and ADHD, her experiences don’t stop there. The team at Play to Learn SLP specialize in any of the following areas:

  • Autism
  • Attention and executive function difficulties
  • Behavior and emotional challenges
  • Language learning disabilities
  • Restrictive eating patterns

Because of the wide-variety of specialties, Polina came to us wanting a brand that portrays all of this information into one cohesive, strategy-driven design style. We were up for the challenge.

As we began our discovery process, we uncovered that Polina felt misinterpreted by being labeled a Speech Language Pathologist. Although, yes, this is her job title, she does so much more than just speech pathology – this was her current struggle point in her business.

Her ideal client is outlined below:

  • Industry professionals: occupational therapists, teachers, etc
  • Moms in age group 30s-50s
  • Stable family income
  • Have kids in the age group of 6 months – preteen
  • Located in Queens

New York Speech Pathologist Branding Inspiration

Custom Branding for New York Speech Language Pathologist

For this color palette, we wanted to combine both subtle colors and more saturated colors to ensure we tied in the younger aged children (pre-teen) but also their parents. These colors give off a sense of calmity and professionalism that is important to have when choosing the right SLP for your child.

Custom Showit Website for a Speech Language Pathologist

Polina was previously on a Squarespace website, but for ease of editing, we moved her over to Showit. We wanted this website to be something that she was comfortable editing herself and making small changes if necessary. Showit is a drag-and-drop platform that does an amazing job of compressing images and has blogging via WordPress if desired.

Because of the creativity of this brand, we really wanted to bring the playfulness into the website with her custom icons, illustrations and dotted line pattern.

Are you a private practice clinician in need of a new brand or website?

We only have 4 brand timelines available for the rest of 2022. You can apply to be a client to book a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit for each other!