Stop scratching your head trying to figure out ways to make your private practice stand out…the solution isn’t what you think.


Hi, I'm Chloe Thomas!

As the owner & founder of Chloe Creative, a design agency for private practice clinicians, I’ve spent the last 5 years learning the ins-and-outs of this niche. 

Since working with nearly 60 dietitians on their brand, website or messaging, I’ve learned most clinicians all have one thing in common: 

you struggle operating THE “BUSINESS SIDE” OF YOUR practice.

Yes, you’re confident in your expertise and the value you bring to your clients, but when it comes to branding, website design, heck, social media, you’re not that confident. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to not be an expert in these things – we all have our zone-of-genius – but if you’re like me, you’d do anything you could to expand your wealth of knowledge and become more profitable and build your business. 

In this membership, here are the results you can expect:

- Increased brand awareness and how to use it to make profit 
- Bigger and better network of trusted referral clinicians (hint: they will refer to you, too!)
- Knowledge and examples of business topics for application in your own business
- Confidence on how to target your audience on Instagram


- Basic CSS & HTML development to customize minor things you deal with on a daily basis (think PracticeBetter, WP Recipe Maker, SimplePractice and more!)
- Clarity on what it actually means to have a branding and how to use it to your advantage
- Tracking data on your website effectively and understand how to interpret what you find
- Awareness of industry-popular topics and strategies
- How to portray your unique value to get more clients on your website
- Business lessons from well-known and understood industry professionals

What’s Included

- Exclusive clinician-only community group to connect and grow your referral network

Each member of PMP will be added to our private Facebook community that houses monthly challenges to get to know one another and apply on the concepts we’ve learnt about over the month. This is a fun way to grow your referral network.

- Monthly live group coaching calls with expert guests & opportunity for Q&A

Every month we will have one guest speaker to chat with us via Zoom on their zone-of-genius topic. These recordings will be live, but also recorded for those who cannot make the calls. 

- Template library updated monthly with social media graphics, PDF handouts, etc

We know that social media can be frustrating to create – so, we have done-for-you graphics that we find our clients need the most. Ranging from social media to meal plans, we’ll update this monthly based on your needs!

- Tutorial library updated monthly

Easy-to-consume tutorials made for you. Most videos are under 20 minutes in length so that you can consume the knowledge and move on to apply it within your business. Forget what I said? Don’t worry– go back and follow the steps!

- Direct access and support from Chloe

If you’ve got a question, don’t worry – our team is here to support you all the way. You can contact Chloe directly or request support from one of our team members. 


Then, the VIP membership would be great for you! The VIP membership tier comes with all of the above with bi-monthly 1:1 sessions with Chloe. You’ll meet twice a month with a desired agenda prior to our call and outlined action items afterward. This is a great opportunity to ask those questions that are more specified to your business’ needs. In addition, all VIP members will have Slack Access to me.

Here's How It Works







There are two membership options: Standard and VIP. We are only accepting 5 VIP members currently.

Don’t just read the content and move on. Study it. Practice it. Try it. Have questions? We’re here for you!

When you are ready, take all of the knowledge you’ve learned and apply it. Come back and share your ideas with members!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this membership?

Any type of clinician who is currently or pursuing private practice. 

Is this for newer or SEASONED business owners?

Both. No matter the length of your time in private practice, we are firm believers that the learning never stops. This is why we invest in continuing education ourselves through website development courses, branding courses and SEO/copywriting training. Think of this membership as a part of your continuing education units. 

What's the refund policy?

Due to the instant access to copyrighted material and downloadable nature of the resources included in the membership program, refunds will not be provided after purchase for any reason.

What's the cancellation policy?

You are able to cancel your membership at any time before your next billing period begins. Your access to the membership will be removed once payment is ended. Feel free to enroll again at any point!

What makes Practice Makes Profit unique?

The team at Chloe Creative is as niched in business as you can get. Others see this as a disadvantage, but we use this as an opportunity to learn our ideal client from head to toe during the duration of our project. 

We take the time to understand your ideal client just as much as you do– not only are you getting direct access to what we are learning through our processes, but you are obtaining connections that last a lifetime. 

It's quite often that our clients cannot take on a certain patient and ask us for referrals (which we always have!) – use this membership as a community of trusted professionals that you'd be glad to send your potential clients to.

Lastly, what other membership is out there for JUST clinicians? We love this niche and are dedicated to providing all we can.

What kind of return on investment does PMP have?

Brand design is one of the highest return on investment opportunities for your business. Because of its ability to establish brand awareness, brand design alone [on average] makes 60% of users want to purchase your product or service. 

While we aren't designing a brand for your practice, we are teaching you the foundations on how to use what you currently have to establish a brand awareness, and all the necessary skillsets we use in our day-to-day operations that have made our clients scream of joy with how many inquiries they now receive on their website. When you are ready to invest in custom design services, you'll have a better understanding of what it does for your practice.

As we will mention numerous times throughout this membership, knowledge is invaluable. We are constantly learning, growing and revising our strategies to become more profitable and to better serve our community. We're an open book because this niche means the world to us and we want to see you succeed, too.

Pricing and Plan Options

Standard member



VIP MEMBER spots are full. come back soon!




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