Rebrand + WordPress Website Launch | Everyday Nutrition

When Tracy of Everyday Nutrition reached out to me, I remember I was in my college apartment. I was SUPER excited because she was my first web-design client. Of course I had designed previous websites before, but they were all for my own benefit. Click here to view the live site.

Tracy requested a website customization via WordPress, which I was super stoked about. I had actually been working at a digital marketing company as a web production intern, where I customized WordPress templates daily.

Before we completed her web design, we decided that a rebrand was best for her creative direction. It was entirely too much fun!

What was your favorite part about working together? What would you say to our next potential client if you could speak to them?

Chloe did a great job taking the bits of information we discussed and bringing new branding and a redesigned website to life! I had an idea of what I wanted but really needed to see things to say “that’s it”. Chloe was able to capture “that’s it” within the first few designs! Chloe was also extremely patient; she provided just the right amount of follow up and nudging to stay on task without nagging or complaining when our timeline ended up being extended.

How do you think your new product will help your business?

My new logo and website present a better representation of who I am! I wanted a feminine touch to show a woman-owned business that helps women! I am now proud to promote my website and will start using it to market my business more.