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Online dietitian membership branding

Chloe Thomas

If I could sum up my favorite project in one phrase, it would be Redemptive Health. The Redemptive Health project included an online dietitian membership, custom branding and a WordPress website design. The owner, Clara, formerly @foodfitnessandfaith as most of you may know her, wanted a complete rebrand of her website that she completed all by herself. Let’s just say, this thing is massive and it’s gorgeous.

Project Type:

  • Custom Brand Design
  • Custom WordPress Website Design
  • Membership Creation & Development

Q: Why did you start this business?

Clara started [@foodfitnessandfaith] as a creative outlet. Over time, this brand has evolved and grown organically on Instagram and now, she wants Redemptive Health to be seen as a trusted source and refreshing space for individuals to come to receive grounded health and wellness education.

Online Dietitian Brand Values

  • Seeing the value and potential in each person, aiming to see them as Christ does
  • Loving people as they are
  • Helping people self-actualize and build confidence in their abilities
  • Becoming someone God can manifest His son through
  • Respect, service, compassion, humility

Q: What is the meaning behind the name Redemptive Health?

The aim is to redeem the health and wellness industry– removing stigmas that come with it, so it’s seen more as a gift and not a measurement of your worth. We want to change the narrative when it comes to how people think about themselves and approach health. But also, helping people find their personal redeemed value in light of God’s grace.

Online Dietitian Ideal Audience:

  • Women, faith-based
  • 25-65 years old
  • Has disposable income that allows them to afford small investments in their health
  • Located locally (near Asheville, NC) and throughout the States
  • Loves to hike, anything outdoors
  • Cooking, eating out
  • Gardening

Q: What does your ideal audience struggle with?

They struggle with information overload. Where to find an honest answer and clarity on how to properly implement it all. They also struggle with consistency in healthy eating and living while juggling a busy schedule.

Redemptive Health Brand Concepts:

Online Dietitian WordPress Website Design:

Because Clara had established a great online presence with her previous brand, Food Fitness and Faith, we were able to create redirects from her old domain to her new domain at However, we did end up implementing new plugins and designs on all of her pages.

Online Dietitian Membership Design:

Clara came to us ready to roll with creating her new membership, The Redemptive Health membership. This is a membership created by an online dietitian to serve individuals on a monthly-basis. We created this membership using Memberspace and WordPress via Elementor. Personally, this was our favorite part of the process which we will detail more below.

What’s included in an online dietitian membership?

Well, this is a loaded question. Really, we’d ask, what do you want to be included in your membership? With Clara, we shared an online Google Document with her and asked her to “brain dump” all of her wishes and thoughts on paper. A few Loom’s and back-and-forth emails later, we then implemented her design structure in a table format and began designing her pages. For her scenario, here’s the pages we created for her membership:

  • Dashboard
  • Account
  • Modules [main]
  • Modules – January [or month]
  • Resource Bank [main]
  • Resource Bank [inner – there were 3 inner pages]

If you are in need of a custom membership design onto your WordPress or Showit website, inquire with us and we’ll get on a discovery call to discuss your specific needs.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

I needed help with creating a new website and fresh branding, including everything from the logo to the color scheme. I couldn’t be happier with my the final product. It’s so much better than I even imagined! Chloe and her team were a pleasure to work with—super friendly, professional, and timely. I highly recommend them to any dietitian or other nutrition professional looking for help with designing the perfect website or branding.

- Maria Adams, Registered Dietitian

Working with Chloe and her team was the absolute best experience I could have imagined! The team was responsive and easy to communicate with. They took my thoughts and ideas and brought them to life in the most beautiful way! And Chloe was there to answer every question I had along the way. They made the entire experience pleasant and enjoyable, and not to mention, my website now so beautiful and easy to navigate!

- Katie Spada, Registered Dietitian

This was seriously my favorite investment I have made in my business so far! I am so impressed with every detail and could not have imagined anything close to what you have created. You were able to take my vision and create a beautiful website and brand that suited my style to a T! Thank you!!

- Katrina Cox, Registered Dietitian

My website and brand feel so "me" ... while also representing the business in a way that feels very appropriate and polished. I have had so many people reach out after the launch to tell me that our branding and website "match" my personal and business personalities flawlessly. 


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