Running a Business That is Christ-Centered

A lot of individuals out there believe that your personal life should be separated with your professional life. I’m a big fan of finding a happy medium, but my faith-life is something really important to showcase within my business. Running a business that is Christ-centered can be a challenge, but it’s well worth it.

If you’re new here, I’m Chloe Thomas, owner & founder of Chloe Creative. Officially in business since December 2018, we’re now a proud team of four women who do our best to serve all of our sweet clients we get to partner with. I’m twenty-three years old, have been married to my middle school sweetheart for around a year and a half now, and have two sweet doggos that keep us on our toes.

I’m telling you all of these tiny details because while they define me, they don’t. I am a Christian, a woman-of-faith and follower of Jesus. I can tell you all these details about me, but I truly believe my identity isn’t defined by my work, my marriage status or my current situation in life– it’s really defined by my love of the Lord.

If we really wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of what this means, I could talk all day about it– but to save time on this blogpost, know that my foundations and values in life are based on these beliefs. There are many things that I’m still learning everyday as a Christian, but I do start everyday with intent and mindset reset, as I’d like to call it.

I wake [earlier than my husband] and read the Bible, read various devotions on different topics that I feel might help me at this certain point in life, and journal it down so I’m able to reflect. Journaling about the Bible has actually become a huge part of my journey growing in Christ– so if you’re interested in how that process goes, DM me and we can chat about it!

While these things are part of my personal life, they coincide with my professional life as well. I call my morning time a time of “mindset reset” because normally if I don’t follow through with this morning routine [and it happens sometimes!], my mindset at work is nowhere near where I’d like it to be.

  • I feel out of routine
  • I get frustrated with myself/not being able to have my morning time
  • I feel rushed
  • I feel overwhelmed with work

How does my faith intertwine at Chloe Creative?

It all starts at our foundation.

Attached above, are our core values at Chloe Creative, which we’ll outline below:

  • Inclusivity – We want others to feel included – as Jesus does us – no matter their walk of life.
  • Attentiveness & Appreciation – We want others to feel they have our undivided attention when working with them and sense of appreciation for choosing to work with us.
  • Faithful Foundation – We want others to feel the love of Christ through our encounters: through how we speak to each other, how we act, etc.

Our brand adjectives are outlined above. These are descriptors that we want to portray both with our work and within each other. They’re outlined below:

  • Cultivated – We want to be grounded in our values [listed above]. We’d never stray or alter from these values.
  • Raw / Genuine – Just like in brand design, we value raw and unfiltered feedback that is genuine but also inviting. We want to be the same to our clients.
  • Minimal – Our designs are clean and effortless.
  • Efficient / Distinctive – Our designs are strategy driven, organized and unique to each business and their own subset of values.

In these values and adjectives, we have an over-arching goal that is commonly noted: being Christ-centered.

It’s community. One with the Lord. I personally [as the owner and founder] strive to create a community that is welcoming, inviting, rooted, inclusive and genuine. These are qualities that I strive to be in my personal life as well.

Though my faith and my clients’ faith are not something that is commonly addressed in the duration of our project, these values that we have created here at Chloe Creative ensure that we remain strong in our faithful foundation(s) and can give off the love of the Lord through our interactions.

I’d love to know – are you a woman of faith or Christian business owner?

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear what your business values are and if we have any similarities! Our Instagram is @chloecreativestudio – hope to chat soon!