Self Care Tips – 5 Things I’m Doing Right Now For Myself

Have you ever gotten so caught up within *fill in the blank here* and you almost forget that you’re a human? We all need some self care tips!

You forget to take time for yourself to just “be”. You forget that you, too, need time to rejuvenate sometimes. If so, I’m here with you, friend. I’m 23 years old, but I am quickly learning that as an adult, it’s easy to get caught up in the work routine – wake up, work, cook your meals, watch tv, sleep and repeat.

Your routine almost becomes just a routine – it really isn’t giving you the energy you need mentally, or it feels like you’re just “going through the motions” of your day. In this blogpost, I wanted to share five things that I’m doing right now, just for myself! Hopefully these things inspire you to never stop doing things for you! 🙂

01. Reading all the religion and personal development books.

Religion / personal development books have been my absolute favorite recently. Recently I’ve read:

  • The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
  • Find Your People
  • Rhythms of Renewal

Here’s what’s in progress:

  • You on Purpose
  • StoryBrand (more on the business side but, still!)

I also went along a different route and ready Where The Crawdads Sing, which was great!

Along the same lines, our sweet client Clara over at @foodfitnessandfaith did a Reel recently with all of her favorite personal development/religion books and she has so many goodies that I saved for later!

02. Drinking 100oz water a day.

If you follow us on Instagram, over the last month, I forgot the infamous Stanley Brand Cup when we were on a trip to Atlanta (insert sad face). Luckily, I snagged another from a Facebook Ad and it got delivered last week! I’m a firm believer that cute cups make you drink more– with this Stanley, I’ve been averaging 100oz of water per day.

For many reasons, water is amazing for you. I’ve noticed my skin being much more clear and feeling so much better throughout the day!

03. Scheduling time for travel.

Luke and I have been married for less than two years, but one of the things that we both knew we wanted to do in this season of life was travel. Traveling not only allows us to experience new things together as a couple, but it’s also a break from “real-life” of the routines we get tired of doing daily.

Whether it be a work trip or a non-work trip, traveling is something that always rejuvenates my energy and inspires me to continue to create.

Speaking of trips, we are going somewhere very soon and it involves wine. Any guesses?!

04. Meeting with friends at least once a week.

Now that I’m officially in the “young-adult” age range (I’m cool, right!?), meeting and chatting with friends is essential! During college, it was easy to meet-up with friends because they were nearby on campus– now, I have friends that are local, not local, online, etc.

I think it’s really important to have friends that you can meet and chat with whenever possible. Yes, texting or a phone call is great, but in-person meeting is even better! Last week I was able to meet with a few friends– one day for coffee and another at a wine bar. If you’re nervous to reach out to the friend who you haven’t talked to in a while, do it. You won’t regret being able to catch-up and have a conversation with someone other than your spouse or significant other. 🙂

05. Starting over Dance Moms 😉

If you and your spouse ever get in a routine of watching the same TV show every night, episode after episode, I highly recommend finding something you enjoy to watch by yourself! Besides Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU, I really don’t watch much TV at all. I actually joke with my husband and say if I had to get rid of one technology item, it would definitely be the TV. Sometimes when my husband goes in office, I don’t even turn it on the whole day!

Anyway, I recently started over Dance Moms – it’s a TV show I watched as a teen and really forgot how enjoyable it was. So, when my husband is out playing golf or not at home, I’ll enjoy some time watching this TV show by myself!

What are you doing for you?

I want to know: are you prioritizing you? Doing the things you love, individually? Participating in activities that are maybe outside of your normal routine, but are life-giving?

I encourage you to do any of the five things above, or a few other things you may have on your list but never have gotten to! Your future self is not going to regret it!

Come chat with us on Instagram for some self-care tips in an upcoming reel later this week!